When you might need to replace your windows

Double glazed windows are an impressive and supportive addition to your house. They can last several years, but they’ve got a lifespan, like anything in our homes. And when do you consider replacing the existing windows with double glazing? If you do, and you should, then give Double Glazing Cheltenham based experts Firmfix a ring.

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Condensation is defined as a liquid that has been converted into steam. If the glass in your window drops below the temperature of the dew point, water vapour forms into water droplets on the surface of the glass in the air.

Condensation at higher temperatures can occur in humid conditions. Condensation occurs irrespective of humidity levels in colder climates.

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If a draught coming through your window has been detected, it can be troublesome and indicates that the seal in your window has broken down.

A weakness in the window sealant could be indicated by any draught leakage between the brickwork and the window frame.

If you find draughts, removing the weather seal would be the remedy. Upgrading the current double glazed windows to a brand new and more durable double glazing model will be the most successful remedy.

If you notice leaks of water through the window frame, it is time to repair your windows. Leaks are an indicator of the failure of the weather seals in the window or the blocking of the drainage area.

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