How to mow your lawn like a pro

Not only does a well-mown lawn look good; it also helps you preserve healthy grass and offers a wealth of wildlife sanctuary. How can you really make your grass look like the meticulous lawns seen in the Grand Building Gardens? Let’s look at some of the top tips for the development and maintenance of a great-looking lawn from experienced landscape gardeners. They will make sure that they have Mountfield Parts from DIY Spare Parts in place before they begin.

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Stripping lines

Stripping is an excellent technique that gives a professionally mown look to the lawn while ensuring that every bit of the garden has been mowed. To achieve the basis of the look, go one way and then the other lengthwise through the yard. You will need to go over the stripes with a weighted roller in order to really make the look impactful and make sure it lasts until the next mow.

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Get your mower serviced regularly

In the first place, a well-mown lawn relies greatly on you getting the right equipment. Always buy a premium product, as a false economy is invariably a cheap mower. For years or even decades, a good mower will last. Be sure to offer an annual service to your lawnmower, preferably at the beginning of summer.

Just take one third off at a time,

Not only is it safer for the animals who want to live in your lawn to have it on the longer side, but it also preserves the lustre, colour and thickness of the grass. The target is to take off just a third at a time. This could mean changing one of its longer settings to your lawnmower blade. In brown, bare patches, cutting it too short will result.

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