What Colours Should You Decorate Your Extension In?

Knowing what colours should you decorate your extension with goes a long way in helping you get the results that you want. There are some colours that look particularly good when they contrast well with the light, or if they have a certain softness to them. You want the colours of your extension ladder to make it stand out, yet still be easy to clean and keep looking good. A balance of colours can be found by going through a lot of different catalogues and books, or by looking at pictures on the internet to get an idea of what colours you might like. There is little point in getting some Oak Extensions onto your home and then have it look poor.  Timberpride Oak Extensions offer a great range.

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Once you have chosen the colours you want for your extension, it’s time to start installing. Before doing so, though, ensure that your extension is the correct height for the space you’re planning on decorating. If you have a small room then make sure you don’t go too high, or else the colours won’t really pop out at visitors or those that use it.

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When it comes to decorating the walls, you should go with one colour that’s the same as the background colour of your extension. For example, if your room has a brown tiled floor, then choose a brown extension border. This will give a consistent look across your room, which will make it much easier on the eye. The same theory applies to any wall colour – find one that matches.

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