Types of fire rated sliding door and their uses

There is no great mystery in knowing what fire doors are for since their name already gives enough clues. These doors are used to prevent the spread of fires using a system of sectorization of zones that behave as a barrier to stop the fire. They help save time by preventing the fire from progressing and by evacuating personnel who may be in the building.

Thus, its most characteristic element is the thermal insulator and the structural design that neutralizes the expansion that the metal can suffer from the increase in temperature. It is essential that these types of doors close automatically each time they are opened.

Depending on the time that the doors resist the fire, they will be classified differently, for example, there are sixty minutes, ninety minutes, and one hundred and twenty minutes.

What types of fire rated sliding door are on the market?

There are different types of fire doors, each one indicated according to the place where it is going to be installed.

Single leaf or double leaf leaf

They are composed of one or two sheets and inside they contain different materials, among which plasterboard, rock, or wool stand out.

Sliding Firewall

There are different sizes, one for industrial buildings and another for pedestrian use. It is a door that slides through a guide in the upper part and they are highly recommended when dividing spaces. It is essential that they are always open, when they are closed they usually do so by means of a fall system due to the unevenness of the guide, however, if the door is very large, a motorized counterweight system is installed.

Guillotine Firewall

If you do not have enough space, the ideal fire door to install will be the guillotine type, since it does not require a hole in the sides to be able to open or close, but rather it does so vertically.

It always remains open and it is a warning from the fire detector that triggers it to close and stop the spread of fire.

Sectional Firewall

They separate different sections of the room in case of fire. Act as a fire door but can also be used as a sectional door for normal use.

Firewall log

They are perfect to install in meters, machine panels, and other places sensitive to the possibility of spreading fire or starting it by means of a short circuit. These doors are small and for this reason, they are used as fire protection in specifically smaller places such as those we have discussed.

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