Top 5 Essentials For A Functional Kosher Kitchen

Keeping and maintaining a strictly kosher kitchen can be more easily said than done, especially if you are in a household where not everyone follows the strict kosher guidelines.

What Is Kosher?

Kosher (Hebrew for “fit” or “proper”) refers to kosher food that is prepared in adherence to Judaica dietary laws. For an animal to fit this requirement, it must chew its cud and have cloven hooves. It has to also undergo shechita, which is a method of slaughtering fowl and animals to be undertaken by a specialist. As well as this, all dairy products must come from a kosher animal and must not be eaten or drunk with meat or poultry.

What Can I Do To Keep Kosher?

There are plenty of things you can do to keep a kitchen kosher. Firstly, it is important to remember (especially in an inter-married relationship) that the kitchen is the heart of a Jewish home. In this way, you should ensure to keep the Jewish influence strong to help yourself and, most importantly, non-kosher members in the household remember your values and rules. Sites like have plenty of beautiful, Jewish-inspired kitchen dining products to help keep the Jewish influence present and recognisable.

Apart from that, there are other small things that can aid in keeping kosher. A functional kosher kitchen is all about rules and foresight which can aid you in adhering to the diet and prevent interference from any non-kosher ingredients or equipment. Below are some sets and cooking applications which can help you out:

Kosher Utensil Set

When you are cooking kosher products, it is essential that utensils are separated between meat, dairy and pareve. In this way, a set of versatile, colour-coded and marked utensils can be perfect for keeping kosher ingredients separated from non-kosher while you are cooking and preparing the food itself.

Kosher Labels

Kosher ingredients, especially when they are in nondescript bags in the freezer, can often be a little difficult to make out. This is why purchasing some specific red meat labels can be perfect for displaying the contents of a product and preventing any confusion.

Cleaning Products

Ideally, you should be well prepared with cleaning products to maintain kosher even after cooking. If you have two sinks, then separating them between dairy and meat is recommended, but if this is not possible then you must ensure to completely clean a sink before you can identify it as kosher. Similarly, your countertops and ovens should be separated accordingly and cleaned thoroughly if non-kosher ingredients have touched them.

Kosher Condiment Boxes

Even something as simple as salt must be kosher, and therefore it is important that you identify your seasonings, spices and condiments in specialised kosher boxes (kosher salt is also a step above any regular salt, so you can use this box to show off your superior ingredients to your household and guests at the same time!).

Disposable Plates For Kashering Kitchen

Disposable plates can also be useful for a kosher kitchen. Using paper plates and silverware for meat and dairy products will help you to keep everything kosher whilst preparing and cleaning, and it can also keep the strain off you, as you can simply discard them once you are done. Just be sure that the disposable products are fully recyclable before you buy them.

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