The different factors that will affect your choice of garage door

Choosing a new garage door is not something we do often and so when the decision needs to be made, it can be a tricky one. It’s important to get it right too, as a garage door is a significant investment in your property. Here are some factors to consider before making your decision:


How much you can afford to spend will most likely be your first and most important consideration.


How much protection do you require and how much is offered from the various designs available to protect your property from potential unwelcome visitors. For help with your Garage Door Installation Tring, visit

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Consider how much time you are willing to devote to maintenance and upkeep and if the material you choose will require much maintenance to keep functioning well and looking pristine.


You might want to match your door to the rest of your exterior décor and this could affect the type of door and material you can choose.


What you want to use the garage for will affect how much insulation you require. If it’s just for the car, you won’t need much but if you intend your garage to be used as a utility room or gym, you’ll want a higher level of insulation.


All of the above factors are impacted by the size of the opening and the room you have inside for the different garage door mechanisms.

Materials available for garage doors

You’ll find there are 4 main types of garage door material manufactured:




Glass Reinforced Polyester

The style of your exterior will also play a part in your decision. A modern style property will ideally require a contemporary garage door, normally steel or aluminium. While a traditional property will look better with timber as opposed to steel. However, there are no rules and it’s purely down to personal preference.

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Steel doors are a light choice that are easy to operate and are available pre-primed for painting the colour your choice.

Aluminium doors offer a quieter option making them ideal for properties where living accommodation is situated above the garage.

Wood used to be the most popular material choice but has now been replaced with Glass Reinforced Polyester. This material is durable and rot-resistant with a lot less ongoing maintenance required.

If you have an unusual sized garage opening, it’s easier these days to have one made for you by a manufacturer. There are tons of choice for standard sized doors however.

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