Five more ways to keep your garage warm in winter

Many garages double as space for hobbies; however, with many lacking a heating source, they can be uncomfortable in winter.

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If you want to keep your garage warm, start by calculating the heat output you require from a heat source. Think about how cold the weather gets in your part of the world and how much insulation you have in the walls and ceiling of your garage. Once you have measured up, think about which of these five types of heater could be the best way to make your garage warm.

Forced air heater

A forced-air heater can blast hot air around your garage quickly thanks to powerful fans. It can use your home’s gas or propane sources or can be powered by electricity. It will move the air around your garage; therefore, if you are using the space for a hobby such as woodworking, it may make the whole place dusty.

Infrared heater

An infrared tube heater radiates heat and could be the way to warm up your garage without blowing air around the room. It may take a while for you to become comfortably warm, as infrared heating tends to warm the objects around it first rather than people.

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Ceiling panels

If you are using your garage for storage and need lots of space for garage shelving, a heat source in your ceiling could be what you need. Suppliers such as can help you to configure storage that makes the best use of your space. Radiant electric panels can be mounted across your garage ceiling to provide an even and energy-efficient heating option that can heat the space around hobby areas and whatever else is in your garage.

Electric heater

A wall-mounted electric heater hard-wired in can be easy to install and there are plenty of options for different styles in DIY stores. Solar panels mounted on your garage roof could generate the electricity needed to power this sort of heating.

Portable space heater

Having a heater that you can move around to heat the space in which you are working is an easy option. There are many different sizes and types of space heater available, so you can choose one or a combination of heaters to make your garage warm as quickly as you want.


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