Boho Chic decoration ideas and tips for living room

The bohemian decor is fun, free and skips the rules. It takes a lot of everything: a mixture of styles, the fusion of cultures and times, it is an express pot full of ingredients that you have to mix to get results with soul and not crowded and meaningless spaces. Let’s see the Boho Chic decoration ideas

In this section, we focus on Boho chic decoration, a variant of the Bohemian style in which starting from that same base. We add an elegant touch through small elements or more glamorous details. This type of decoration is the result of free spirits, dreamers, who seek naturalness and without losing that essence, create daring spaces with personality at the same time elegant and stylish.  Let’s focus on its most salient features.

Boho Chic decoration ideas

Boho Chic decoration key pieces

One of the main keys by which the Boho chic decoration is considered a variant of the Bohemian style is precisely the use of some more outstanding and exclusive piece in the decoration, antiques or design elements that stand out from the set and are the center of all the looks.

A restored armchair, a mirror with personality, your grandmother’s lamp or an accessory of our favorite designer. Any piece with charm and that for us has a special value, will help us complement our decoration and will be key to achieving that chic point we are looking for.

Memories of those trips

Memories of those trips

It’s time to remove the dust and recover our little treasures from those trips that our family and friends made or did. They can be the star piece!

Bohemian style is characterized by the mixture, and the incorporation of ethnic objects or from other cultures can greatly enrich the whole.

Paintings, instruments, figures, tapestries, carpets, cushions, lamps, masks … Regardless of where they come from, we can create a small corner in which to combine various elements. In this way it will be easy to create environments with identity, lived, that tell stories, and that comes naturally.

Abundant use of textiles

Textiles become an essential element in this type of decoration. And they also do it with daring designs of bright colors and striking patterns that combine.

The spaces to relax and meditate are important within a more bohemian lifestyle and hence the abundant use of textiles that will help us design more comfortable, warm and welcoming environments enhancing the corners of relaxation.

Abundant use of textiles

The cushions are indispensable and against more … Better! They are perfect in both living rooms and bedrooms and tend to group freely with very diverse prints.

The textiles also flood the walls in any room with colorful tapestries or colorful handkerchiefs, especially in the living rooms or in the heads of the bedrooms.

In the bedroom, we will also play with textiles and bedding mixing different fabrics and cushions. An important requirement is that the bed is well dressed, as in the case of the lounge cushions, in the beds against the better. Sheets, bedspreads, bedspreads, blankets, decorative fabrics, and cushions! … many cushions!

Again we see the importance of the textile in the chic boho decoration since the doors tend to be replaced by fluffy cloth curtains, macramé or delicate rows of beads and beads.

For the little ones, you can not miss a teepee! More fabrics and cushions for the nursery that will protect the kids from the cold ground with a plus of bohemian fantasy. This option will be ideal for creating a nice reading corner or a space to play quietly.

And finally, the carpets will also occupy an important place and we will see them. Especially the most traditional ones, such as the Madrid model from the line of cheap carpets by Dicoro, with exotic motifs, recycled or in full color like the Betty model of the original carpet line.

Hanging elements

Hanging elements

All kinds of hanging decorative elements will give a very bohemian air to our home.

The climbing plants will be a good option and if not we can also hang the pots with stylish macrame supports or create eye-catching compositions with glass jars and cheerful flowers.

Mobile phones made by ourselves or handmade decorative elements from other cultures such as dream catchers or pajakis will also be good candidates to add color, joy and that more exotic and global point of bohemian decoration.

We can be inspired by nature, reuse and recycle materials to create creations of the chicest.

Fringes, pom-poms, and tassels can not be missing in our Boho chic decoration. They will give a fun and casual air to the spaces. We can choose to hang this type of elements directly on the ceiling, walls or doorknobs or apply them to other objects such as curtains, cushions or bedding.

Hammocks, hanging chairs or swings to relax are also a key object that can make a difference in our home. Why not hang a hammock in the bedroom or the middle of the living room?

Nature at home for a boho chic decoration

Nature at home for a boho chic decoration

In my point of view, plants must exist in almost any decoration. But for a Boho-chic decoration, you can not miss the vines, bulky, exotic and wild plants.

Lovers of nature, slow movement and enjoy the small pleasures of life. The bohemian spirits look for spaces in which to relax and whether they are interior or exterior, if we have the possibility of setting up a Chill out area, it will be a highlight for our Boho chic decoration.

If we have a terrace, a garden, a porch or a small balcony better but we can always design a space in the interior that seems exterior. Taking advantage of the large windows and the effect of the plants we can get very cozy corners.

Color explosion

Color explosion

Colors become indisputable protagonists of this style. In some cases, dark shades such as intense green, blue or violet are chosen for the walls, but when they are used for decorative elements, bright colors that transmit joy such as violets, turquoises, intense fuchsias, blues, and oranges are usually combined.

In the Bohemian style, color is often used in abundance in walls, fabrics, decorative objects … but if we want to make a Boho chic decoration we can regulate the color according to our taste.

Are you staying in full color or more relaxed spaces with striking touches of color?

The wallpapers and striking tiles in Arabic or patchwork style that mix different drawings, are also a very used resource for boho chic decoration. Intense colors and daring prints can give a very chic touch to our walls.

Well decorated walls

Well decorated walls

As we said before: in the Boho chic style there is a lot of everything and the walls could not be less! In addition to the hanging decorations that we saw before, we can also decorate with more traditional resources such as paintings and mirrors that will help us accentuate that chic point we are looking for.

Creative composition of paintings will be very interesting and will add personality to the decoration. And we can also do it in any room. How about in the bathroom?

Mirrors are also a seductive object for any wall. A composition of well-chosen pieces can give very good results.

Dim and warm lighting

Candles, luminous decorations, ambient lights that provide calm and relaxed atmospheres are typical of this style.

We will bet then by several points of light of a low intensity that we can turn off or on depending on the needs of each moment before opting for the lighting of great power.

10 Tips to get a boho chic style of decoration

And at this point, you already have clear the most particular characteristics of the Boho Chic decoration. Although it is a spontaneous style, which has no rules and clearly bet on the naturalness here you have a small reminder with 10 tips to get this style easily, taking into account that we can adapt freely to our personality as best suits us.

Tips to get a boho chic style of decoration

1. Invest in a special piece, with charm. It can be a piece of furniture with personality, such as the double bed in the forge Valentina de Dicoro or a decorative object such as a painting or a mirror.

2. As we have already seen, the textile is key in Boho chic decoration so choose a handful of different cushions with striking patterns and give life to your bed and your sofa.

3. Macrame can be very useful to decorate! We can make original supports for hanging plants, curtains or various decorations of artisanal type.

4. Set aside a wall to play with several different mirrors. Find designs that you like and that has a special charm.

5. Break the rules and plant a hammock in your living room! Not only will it be the center of all eyes, but you will also love to relax there.

6. Forget the doors and move to the curtains. Play with fabrics, beads, recycled elements and macramé; you will achieve environments full of fantasy.

7. Have fun with the DIY. Feathers, stones, rope, trunks … and a little imagination! You can create delicate centerpieces, beautiful vases, elements to decorate your walls and even an original catcher dreams made by you. Why not? The handmade accessories will give that boho touch to the decoration.

8. The carpets will help you give warmth; you can go barefoot at home and add prints and color. Get several models and cover your floors.

9. A boho chic decoration is nothing without your Chillout corner. Condition space simply to disconnect: Low chairs, cushions, candles, blankets, puffs … and relax!

10. Create calm atmospheres with soft and warm lighting. Candles, chandeliers, lanterns … combine several and achieve a climate of total calm.

And now we have some tips to get a boho chic style at home! What do you think? Do you like this type of decoration? I hope you have been useful! See you soon!

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