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Having an air conditioner in a house is one thing, however, buying a new one and getting it installed is another.  Nowadays, many homes have an AC as a default appliance and have become just as common as windows in a home.

There is a good reason for this, and as the winter season approaches, we can seek comfort in knowing that we will be warm indoors, and during summer we do the same knowing we will be cool indoors. With Boise, Idaho getting as hot as 98 degrees Fahrenheit and as cold as -60 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s no wonder everyone reveres this piece of the necessary equipment in every home.

Over the past year due to the constraints of the COVID-19 many of us around the world have had to stay at home, and build our home offices in the confinement of our four walls, not being able to enjoy the freedom of going outdoors or to our air-conditioned office buildings. As a result, the idea of investing in many items that can make our home offices more comfortable has risen, ad air conditioners are one of them.

Various studies have been done to see what the most appropriate room temperature for a home office is and what researchers found was that not only does the ideal temperature keep you awake and focused but also helps you make decisions better by altering the way you think, for the better. This article is just one of those examples of studies. Now that we are convinced how good it is to have one. What does it take to get it installed? We look at a brief installation guide below.

Installing an Air Conditioner

There are two main types of units, a split-system, and a window aircon. We look at the step involved with both, below.

Window Air Conditioner

  1. Gather your tools – Manufacturers crews and brackets, measuring tape, scissors, and screwdriver. Then find the center of your window.
  2. Make sure you have someone there to help you even if you think you can lift it yourself, you will need help.
  3. In terms of room sizes, if your space is between 150-350 square feet the aircon should be a minimum of 5000-8000 BTU unit. The biggest ones go up to 18,500 to 25000 BTU units and the ones in between can be looked up here:
  4. Careful when removing the unit from the box it could have sharp edges.
  5. Make sure as you remove all the pieces to check that the shipment sent everything.
  6. Open and prep your chosen window.
  7. Attaching the side panels should be done next and this is done by sliding them along the sides as per the arrows on the unit. You can screw them in place once done.
  8. Then you insert the AC into the window, this usually takes two people on each side.
  9. Once placed, tightly close the window onto the unit, there should be some indication where the window will easily slide into the intended place.
  10. As the majority of the weight of the unit will be on the outside, be careful when lifting it as it could topple backward.
  11. Here 2 people will also come in handy, as one holds the unit in place, the other will install the “L” brackets to the top part of the window.
  12. Some manufacturers provide window padding that can be added to the sides of the open window, if not then extend the side panels to reach the ends of the window which will “close-off” the open spaces.
  13. The manufacturer should have provided screws that would be used here to attach the side panels to the window.
  14. Once everything is secure, you can turn it on to see the adjustments and start cooling your home office to the desired temperature.

Split System Air Conditioner

This is the other type of unit and is much quieter than the ones above, and possibly easier to install too. It is ductless which means once you install the piece inside your home, the conductor and compressor units go outside and there is a piping system that runs between the power cable of all 3 units – joining the inside with the outside. The general installation of this is below.

  1. Select the interior wall to install the unit on, it should be at least 7 feet from the ground. You will need to cut a hole through the wall for the pipes, so make sure you can do this where there is no obstruction. The spot you choose should be far away from any heat sources or sunlight if you want to use it to its optimal.
  2. Don’t forget to check if there are any power cables, pipes in the vicinity, or television antennas, if there are keep the unit at least 4 feet away from them. Many people choose to install one in a central location such as their living room.
  3. The mounting plate that comes with the box, should be secured to the interior wall with a screwdriver and screws provided by the manufacturer, any AC installation Boise service provider would recommend using an electric screwdriver for this purpose, as it is more secure.
  4. Hold it against the wall where you’ve decided to place the unit, once you’ve indicated where it will do, remove it, drill some holes, then place the plastic anchors in the holes and finally put the metal plate back on in place aligned with the holes and then screw it back on securely.
  5. About a 3-inch hole through the way should suffice for the cables. There should be an instruction booklet on how to secure the electricity cables to the main unit, this should be in the front panel of the AC. You will need to run the pipes first through the holes then mount the air conditioning unit to the wall via the metal plate. You simple align the female cables to the male and voila you’re done!

As with any electrical unit always be careful and make sure all the mains of the house are turned off first before you start the DIY project!

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