Ensure a Safe Home by Implementing These Smart Room Changes

The home is where most accidents happen. Whether it is carelessness or bad luck, many people injure themselves where they should be safe. Don’t let yourself be one of them. There are some home improvements that lower the chances of an accident happening. Here is a room-by-room check to help protect you from getting hurt.


The most dangerous room in your house is the bathroom. Slips and falls are pretty common inside the room since they can get slippery. But there are several ways to solve this issue. One is to prevent the place from getting wet. For example, walk in shower enclosures can reduce this since they keep the water inside the shower area. Additional changes include installing grab bars so that people can stop themselves from falling. You may even add anti-slip tiles that provide extra traction.


Another dangerous place in your home is the kitchen. There are two main dangers here. First, the stovetop can result in burns. It can also mean fire for the careless. Keep anything flammable away from the heat of the flame. Second, there are many knives and sharp objects in the kitchen. You and your family can get hurt if you are not careful. Install a knife rack to have a proper place to store your knives away from children. You can also place it somewhere that they can’t reach.

Stairs and hallways

If your children like running around, then they might slip down the stairs or trip in the hallways. The stairs can be deadlier since falling from a height can be fatal for younger children. Prevent them from being victims by installing a gate at the top of the stairs. If you don’t have toddlers in the house, you should consider assistance bars. The bars help adults walk upstairs when they are sick in some way.

Hallways can also be dangerous since people can easily trip over various things on the floor. However, there are a couple of ways to prevent this. You can install better lighting, which allows people to see any clutter on the floor. You can also replace the flooring with solid hardwood floors. They provide good traction and are simple to clean.

Living room

Your living room has several hidden dangers, especially for young children. First, electric sockets can easily be within reach of a child. Moving them or installing a cover on them can prevent the chance of shocks. Second, living rooms with fireplaces can be risky. Put a socket cap on them to prevent sparks from starting a fire. To be safe, you should clear the area around the fireplace of anything flammable. Ensuring that the chimney is clean can prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Some of these home improvements are easy to make. The problem is that many people are lazy about implementing them. Be more proactive about home safety to prevent accidents from happening. Follow the suggestions above, and you will feel safer in your own home.


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