Signs of a Damaged Drain

A slow running or leaking drain can be frustrating to deal with, as you try desperately to maneuver the mess out but with no luck – or if you do manage to clear up the mess, the next thing that usually happens is that your drains starts to fill with an unpleasant, musty-smelling water. While many drain cleaners can help you get rid of the smell, there are still some obvious signs of a damaged drain that you should be on the lookout for. These signs include an apparent backed up drain in your basement, slow draining, discolored or murky water, and an overall discoloration of your drain lining (leaving it looking pitted, dirty, or even green). Another great way to know if your drain is slowly filling up and leaking is if you notice any strange odors – like a musty odor when you first turn on the faucet, or when you flush the toilet, or any kind of funny taste as you use the bathroom. All of these are signs of a damaged drain, and if they continue or get worse you should definitely call a professional plumber or drain cleaning company immediately. Drain Lining, like that from Wilkinson Environmental maybe needed.

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When you have a slow draining, backed up drain, or a toilet that constantly uses more water than it should, you should try to use a drain cleaner or water damage restoration system that can suck up excess water, clearing up the clog in the pipes and floor drain.

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A plugged drain can also lead to sewer back up, and mold growth in your basement, or in other places in your home. To avoid having this happen to you, take preventative measures and check your drains and sinks on a regular basis.

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