Best water filters: popular models recommended for the home

We are glad that you have reached this article! That means you are part of one of the few people who is worrying about the water that you and your family members are taking. And, in the last 5 years, the use of water filters has become a high priority issue; but many continue to ignore their need.

In this article, we want to inform you thoroughly about why you need the best water filter at home; in such a case that you have some doubts. You can also find the necessary information about water purifiers at Also, we will talk about what you should look for in a water filter for your home and; if that were not enough, we would give you a list of the popular models that we here at Decor Ideas recommend you.

Hopefully, this information is enough for more people like you to continue to be aware of what we give to our body. Let’s start!

Best water filters

Why has it become so important to have a water filter in our home? As we told you before, the priority of a water filter has risen considerably in recent years and, the need for one; maintains a tendency towards the rise.

This is because of the quality of the water that is currently distributed by the aqueduct authorities. It is very important to note that, whether well water or spring water; the needs of each residential complex vary greatly according to the distance that this water has to travel from the place of origin; until the exit of your key.

There are places where has greater sedimentation. In many cases, the concentrations of nitrates and nitrites can rise according to geography. As well as the agricultural activities that occur.

But in general terms. The water that comes to us through the tap is less “pure” every day if we compare it with the water of 100 years ago. And, although it is true that we can buy bottled water; when we compare the annual expenditure on drinking water that a family makes, with the unique cost of a water filter, we notice a great waste of money.

And this is a reason that we can not ignore either. Although our physical health is a priority; so should our financial health, so it is time for you to take action on the matter.

What should you look for in a water filter?

What should you look for in a water filter?

The first thing you must ensure is that the filter you are going to buy complies with the regulations established by the WHO (World Health Organization). That is, review the manufacturer’s manual and look for the WHO seal of approval.

Likewise, it evaluates that the filter is endorsed by international organizations such as NFS, Water Quality. Some other body whose regulations are similar to those required by your country.

It is also important to look for filters with the latest bacteriostatic technology. A micron of porosity is a good number to have in its structure anti impurities and; If you have activated carbon, much better.

The rest of the characteristics you will have to analyze them well; especially when it is a larger filter that covers the entire house or if it is only for the kitchen.

For that reason, read well the top 10 of models we recommend that we give you and; From there, take the best decision for your family.

TAPP 1 – The most popular tap water filter

In spite of not having a great technology in its construction or having an ostentatious appearance or being of an exceptionally well-known brand; TAPP 1 is always among the most popular filters on the market.


Why? Well, because the expectations of the users who buy it are always satisfied. And that is when we start thinking about what we are looking for in a water filter for our tap; We can list these qualities with one hand:

  • That is capable of filtering heavy metals.
  • You must eliminate the chlorine.
  • There should be no traces of pesticides.
  • People seek clean, colorless and tasteless water directly from the tap to the filter and from the filter to their glasses.

And that’s what the TAPP 1 does! There is no secret formula or marketing strategy other than the satisfaction of your consumers.

Although it should be noted that its easy installation and cartridge replacement system is a big point that has in favor. Both tasks are easy for anyone to do; and that is very much appreciated because we all want to buy our filter, install and start drinking pure water.

Another equally user-friendly feature is the change between filtered water and unfiltered water (which is used for cleaning). Thus we do not wear the cartridge unnecessarily.

The Stainless Steel Countertop Water Purifier Filter

Countertop Water Purifier Filter

When we talk about Stainless Steels; We know that we are referring to a brand with a track record and that we manufacture quality products.

In this case, your water purifier is no exception. With a luxury aesthetic finish and a capacity much higher than standard filters; The Countertop Water Purifier Filter enters this top 10 for its efficiency and elegance.

It has 10 levels of filtering, composed of 10 capable or micro activated carbon blocks. It is thanks to this superior construction that it can offer up to 97% removal of all types of impurities; including VOC particles.

New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter System

And we went from easy-to-install equipment to a more complex filter that can be installed where nobody sees it if you wish.

Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter

Because for many people, the space occupied by the filter can be somewhat uncomfortable; especially when you have young and curious children.

That is why it is never too bad to use a filter that is as efficient but more discreet. As the name implies; The New Wave Enviro consists of 10 levels of purification in its filter cartridge.

Also, the customer service behind this purifying filter is truly exceptional! Since the installation kit that goes inside and under the faucets can be somewhat intimidating; We decided to make a call to request help.

The person who attended us explained step by step the entire installation procedure! It was an excellent experience; as if the adviser had been there guiding us by hand.

Pure water and crystal attention: that’s what you’ll get if you buy this specific filter.

ULTIMATE RO-PERM by Blue Horizon

ULTIMATE RO-PERM by Blue Horizon

Is not a filter for a single tap enough? Well, there are large filters for the home that perform more complete procedures. Such is the case of Ultimate Ro-Perm. It is an ideal reverse osmosis filter for homes with low water pressure.

This team of the Blue Horizon brand is much bigger than the previous ones that we have reviewed. Its installation, although it is not very complicated. Inexperienced hands should not do it.

Everything in this equipment is designed to purify the water. Metal parts do not use heavy metals like lead chrome in the keys.

It has PLUS NFS JG and FDA certificates; which endorse the different layers of filtering with which it counts and the non-toxicity of the materials used in its manufacture.

In general, a large team designed for the whole house. Ideal for your family if any member is sensitive skin or; if they have the water well that is not pure.



And we went from the complex and ostentatious to something simpler, practical and designed for small spaces.

With activated carbon technology for water filtration; this modern and compact purifier could take place in the most practical system of all.

Its installation is so simple that even a child can do it; It simply plugs and plays. Also, changing unfiltered water to filtered water is also super simple.

However, the detail that stands out is its design. Being so compact and colorful; It can be incorporated into any tap outlet in the home, and for sure it will look great.

What we like most about this model, is its LED signaling; which tells us when we should change the internal filter. But for that to happen you will have to spend a good amount of time; after all, up to 12,000 liters of water can be filtered before requiring a filter change.

GE GXRTQR – Refrigerator Filter


And what do you think if we transfer all the advantages of drinking healthy mineral water to our refrigerator? Surely that was the question that was asked in AQUA CREST at the time of wanting to drink a glass of cold water.

Because let’s be honest; we do not all like water at room temperature. Above all, if in your country the ambient temperature is usually above 25 Cº; You are looking for a glass of water that refreshes, not a tea.

For that reason, we mention GE GXRTQR; It is a water purification filter that is placed directly inside the refrigerators, refrigerators, and refrigerators. Thanks to this piece of technology, you can drink pure and refreshing water at any time of the day.

Water Purifier On Table Dvigi

Water Purifier On Table Dvigi

Things can be simple and at the same time; They can be elegant. At least that’s what the water purifier tells us about Dvigi counter.

As the phrase “shoemaker to your shoes” says, we can apply it to water filters in the home. Why should a fountain that provides pure water be at the outlet of the tap?

Tap water is used to wash utensils. That same water that we get from there; it is the water with which we clean our house, we wash our clothes; etc.

That is to say, the water that we obtain from the tap is not for human consumption. Why try to turn the tap into something that is not?

With the Dvigi purifier, and elegantly you will have a pure water dispenser, suitable for human consumption and; with a completely independent installation of the tap.

It is an elegant filter on the outside, and that performs an exceptional function thanks to the way it is built. If you want an option that does not turn the water to wash the dishes in pure water; then choose the Dvigi.

3m Aqua-Pure

3m Aqua-Pure

Purified and clean water should not be limited to a single outlet inside our house. But large filter installations are usually inexpensive.

Thinking about that need and how to solve it; 3m brings us the Aqua-Pure. A safe, simple, compact and powerful filter.

Able to purify water from an entire line of pipe in our home; This filter requires an installation made by a professional, but it is worth the expense. After all, we can take advantage of the result throughout the home.

Although there are other less powerful models, as well as large ones; This blue model that we present in the photograph we consider is the one with the best quality/price ratio. After all, it will purify the water for an entire area of your home.

PSA Water Purifier

The PSA line of water purifiers is another one with great quality and variety of functions that adapt to what people are looking for in their homes.

The specific models of the Senior series are our favorites.

It should be noted that its elegance borders on the luxury category. So, if you have an ostentatious kitchen; It would be good to incorporate a filter of this brand.

Also, we have a special appearance for the kitchen counter again; what will help to take care of this aesthetic by not combining two elements as different as water for human consumption and water for cleaning the home.

Final thoughts,

We have reviewed large and best water filters, other more practical and luxurious options; now we move on to this minimalist and even portable alternative.

Ideal to place in the kitchen faucets of a hotel room when you go on vacation or; to be placed in all faucet exits of the home, including bathrooms.

Rovtop units are not only attractive for their price, but for its good duration before it stops working at 100%.

If you are going to go on a trip or if you want to place the best water filters in the bathroom faucet for the little ones; we recommend you buy these units.

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