How to Style 70’s Home Décor

Furnishing your home with furniture, decorative wall art sets, and stylistic appliances that showcase your individual personality is important to any style conscious homeowner. As we all know, the ten-year cycle resurfaces trends from previous decades, bringing styles that were perceived as outdated not long ago to the height of desirable fashion once more. In 2022, it’s clear to see that the 1970s has re-emerged as the fashionable decade of choice. This goes for clothing, accessories, makeup, and even home décor.

Wall Decor

When it comes to wall décor, we are going to explore just how you can style out your home walls to give it that 70s aesthetic that screams glamour, rambunctiousness, and sheer style. There is something incredibly charming and uplifting about ’70s-era decor styles. That decade was a truly remarkable one for home décor. Different types of handmade pieces and unique wall arts were used in 70’s.

Layered Décor

Layered décor was all the rage in the 1970s, and it have become increasingly popular once again. With patterned pillows, colourful shag rugs, oversized plants in stacked, rustic pots and a textured brick wall, you can begin styling out your home in a layered, desirable way. If you are opting for this stylistic technique, try and find a combination of muted pallet tones with natural colour schemes, so you can layer your home décor without it feeling too cluttered. This way, you can achieve a 1970s style, while allowing your room to breathe in unison.

Geometric Designs

It’s time to embrace your inner hippy with geometrics. From couches and tables to wall prints, portraits, and lampshades, geometric shapes are all the rage this year for 1970s style aficionados. This can add a well-known psychedelic style to your room, truly embodying the spirit of the 1970s. Geometric designs allow you to find an edgy aesthetic that really stands out. As this can make the room feel somewhat crowded, why not try and add a glass coffee table, a transparent love seat, or another clear cut 70s inspired piece of furniture? This will allow you to enjoy the messiness of edgy 1970s décor, while freeing up space to the naked eye with see through features.

Add Some Groove with Curved Radiators

Radiators are often forgotten about when it comes to interior design decisions. As radiators are an essential feature in every room, it makes no sense not to consider their appearance when it comes to designing your new room! When it comes designing a 1970s inspired room, a great option is a vertical, curved bodied radiator that truly flows with the groove the 1970s ambience. You can heat your 1970s styled room with a wavy radiator, that resonates with good vibes, exceptional heating capabilities, and adds a touch of psychedelic shimmer to any room you wish to jazz up. Search online for curved and vertical radiator options, available in any colour you can think of, and you can add those finishing touches to your room, and party like it’s 1972.

The Choice is Yours!

When it comes to creative decisions in stylising your new 1970s inspired room, you have the individual creativity to make it your own. Use online resources to look for inspiration in terms of 1970s décor, and you will find that when you bring this blast from the past into the present, you won’t look back anytime soon. Go with the groove and get wavy by integrating elements of one of the most stylish decades into your home.

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