All your furniture needs under one roof

If you are looking for high-quality luxury furniture shops at affordable prices, then look no further than Platform by Belvidore. The company offers a wealth of fashionable and chic items that will surely make your living room or bedroom look more luxe than ever before. It does not stop there either; Platform also has home-décor essentials for you to surround yourself with, such as elegant beds,dining tables, light fixtures and furniture.

All your furniture needs under one roof

Belvidore is the place to go for many of our living room needs. With their large selection and affordable prices, you can decorate your house on an affordable budget. They offer quality furniture pieces with the assembly required. No need to go looking around trying to find what you’re looking for. Check out your local furniture stores on the internet. When it comes to looking for your perfect furniture, the big names still have an edge. However, with the help of these trusted sources, you can always find high quality items.

Types of Sofas, Chairs and Other Furniture

Everywhere you look, people are moaning about the lack of quality furniture. Have you chosen the proper model for your house or office? Head over to and find out which type of sofa is best for your space! You might have to pay a little more but if it’s worth it then you’ll be glad that you did.

Where to start looking for quality furniture?

When it comes to quality furniture, we rely on reviews of stores and websites. There is not one spot that’s good to buy furniture. Different parts of the country offer different furniture markets. Additionally, if you are in the market for buying new furniture, there is also a furniture market that’s worth looking into. Marketplaces like eBay offer up huge quantities of vintage or used designer pieces. Discount retailers can be good choices if you are looking for inexpensive replacements in your home.


Looking for a new home with bespoke furnishing? This is the place to be. By bringing artisans, experts and designing at the same gallery. From upholstery design, ‘fire polish’ to book-binding therapy, this is an idyllic tailor-made retreat where you can come in search of your new design duties.

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