Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Security Screen Door

Security screen doors are an excellent option to increase the security of your home and prevent intruders from entering your home unnoticed, especially if you live in a high-traffic area. There are many choices when it comes to security screen doors, which can make it challenging to determine which one best suits your needs. Here are five factors to consider when purchasing a security screen door.

1.      Construction Material

The materials used in screen doors vary from one product to another. You should always opt for quality products, especially if you intend to make significant home improvements and enjoy the outcome for years. Do not compromise on the strength and quality of materials for cost-effectiveness, as you might spend more money than necessary when your door breaks or becomes too flimsy over time. The best choice is usually products made from aluminum, wood, stainless steel, or vinyl.

The key benefit of these materials is that they are highly durable and long-lasting without rusting. Wood and vinyl are much more affordable, while stainless steel and aluminum doors generally last longer than wood and vinyl, but they also require more maintenance due to their sensitivity to weather conditions.

2.      Functionality and Aesthetic Appearance

The most critical factor in purchasing any security product is functionality. You should consider products with high-quality locks and a beautiful aesthetic appearance. Look for a keyed deadbolt, one with three or more locking points, and an anti-pry bracket system. It should also have an attractive design that will complement your home’s overall aesthetic. To maximize utility and help you avoid making regrettable purchases, top door suppliers like Doors Plus offer detailed information on product specifications.

3.      Installation Requirements

You will want your door to be reasonably easy to install. While some doors are easier to install than others, you should look for one that comes with an instruction manual or video guide so you can learn how to do it correctly before you start installing. Find out if you need a door installation service, special tools, or equipment to get started. Note that some doors require additional parts or accessories that are sold separately.

4.      Make Sure They Meet Your Country’s Standard Security Tests

Security test standards might vary between countries, so you must know whether or not your security screen door meets government-approved standards in your area. If they don’t meet your country’s guidelines, they aren’t as secure and likely won’t be helpful if you ever need to rely on them for safety. Before purchasing one, check out how well it holds up against popular tests like impact or shear. You can also consult with local law enforcement agencies to see what type of doors they recommend.


Some homeowners consider installing security screen doors in their homes for added security and aesthetics. Whether you’re looking to renovate your home or construct a new one, the proper considerations will help you narrow down your options and make an informed decision on the best security screen door to get.

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