How to Paint That Looks Like Wood? 2 Useful Techniques

The effect wood painting is a finishing technique for the decoration of furniture, doors and walls. This style of painting involves the use of enamel, which through the use of a particular instrument, gives the object in question the appearance of wood. If you are interested and want to know how to paint that looks like wood, read below.

This style of painting is very simple and can be achieved with inexpensive and affordable means. This article explains how to make the wood effect painting technique.

How to paint that looks like wood? Technique 1

how to paint that looks like wood


Brush; primer; sandpaper; black and white water-based enamel; shaped spatula that allows creating the veins simulating the surface of the wood.


The entire surface must be treated with the primer and then sanded.

I apply a white enamel coat below.

When the white enamel is dry, the black enamel is applied.

The finish simulates the grain of the wood and is obtained using a shaped spatula.  Before the black enamel is completely dry, pass the shaped spatula so that it partially removes it.

This very original technique can be used to decorate walls tables or to give new luster to old doors or solid color furniture.

How to paint that looks like wood? Technique 2

It is important that when you go to buy the necessary products. You are advised by the clerks about what type of paint is best in the area you want to paint. Painting with this effect will create a very different use than it was before.

how to paint that looks like wood

You will need:

Sandpaper 00, lacquer wood effect, wood effect paint and pallet


To start, you have to wash and sand the surface you want to paint. For sanding, use the sandpaper of 00. Sanding does it gently.

Then you have to apply lacquer with wood effect in the area you want to paint. It is applied with a brush and spread it across the surface. It is important that you only apply a coat of lacquer.

Next, you have to remove the paint inside the container. Then wet the pallet. The pallet has to be about 7 cm wide. And expand the paint on the area you want to paint zigzag.

You see distributing all the paint in the whole area that you want to paint. You can sell the painting both vertically and horizontally. This depends on yourself, depending on the grain that you like. We recommend that you do it vertically.

Finally, you must know that to make the veining at most you can be about ten minutes. Before these ten minutes pass with the tip of the drained pallet, paint along the painted area. This will help you not to interrupt the grain that forms the wood.

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