How to choose exterior wood paints?

Wood is one of the most used and vital materials outside our home. The most common is that the shutters, terrace floors, garden furniture, swimming pool surroundings, etc … are made of this material. For painting, you must remove the old paint. Outdoor wood is exposed to continuous climatic changes and depending on the geographical area, conditions of temperature, water, and humidity more or less severe. Here, we bring amazing tips on exterior wood paints.

Choose exterior wood paints

exterior wood paints

The exterior wood paints allow the wood to breathe and moisture evaporates. By applying this type of paint on wood, a flexible film is created that adapts to the movements of the wood, thus preventing it from flaking. The key features of these paints are impermeability, insecticidal and fungicidal function, odorless and fast drying.

Special for furniture: These products provide the necessary nutrition and protection to keep them as long as possible cared for.

Gloss, matt or satin finishes. We will choose the finish according to the taste of each one, but we must also bear in mind that mates make the defects look less but are less waterproof than glossy finishes. If we want to prepare the soil, we have to look for a special painting for them. They are paintings more resistant to bumps and scratches.

Tips for exterior wood paints

tips for wood paints

To maintain the color of the wood in perfect condition, we must paint it every time we see that it begins to lose its tone and becomes grayish. But if it is new and untreated wood and we want to paint it, we must previously apply a protective treatment.

We must use special paints for wood, as these provide high protection and allow the wood to breathe so that moisture evaporates, as well as providing color and cover the grain. When we need to renew the paint, we must pick and clean the wood well before repainting it.

To keep the outdoor wood in perfect condition need to follow some simple tips and protect it periodically. It consists of cleaning, painting, putting a protector and varnishing the wooden furniture with the right products.

It depends on the type of stability you need. We will apply one type of treatment or another. We can choose between moisture protection, antimicrobial, and insecticide protection, color protection, sun protection, water resistance.

Keep these facts in your mind before painting

before painting

– Check the condition of the wood. If it is an old and painted wood or if on the contrary, it is new wood.

– If we have an untreated wood, we must apply protective treatments: fungicide, insecticide, sunscreen … before painting.

– If the wood is painted, we must pick it up and sand it before applying the new paint. The stripper helps to eliminate the layers of paint and varnish from the wood.

– The ideal season to paint is in dry and warm periods, but on days when the temperature is not high.

– The wood must be clean and dry. If it has been wet, wait until it dries completely.

-Sand and brush the surface. To remove the traces of dust, we use a brush and a cloth. And we make sure that the surface is smooth and clean.

– Whether the wood has not been treated or if it is wood that we have pickled and we see that it is eaten, the next step is to apply a fungicide and insecticide product, as a preventive or curative treatment. We can also apply and treatment hardener, to strengthen the wood and improve adhesion.

– Cover the holes you have with special wood pulp and apply a primer and then re-sanding the surface.
– We clean and apply the paint.

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