How to Fix your Garage Door Roller Pins

The roller pins on a roller garage door fix into a metal track which is attached to the sides of the door and along up to the ceiling.

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It is via the roller pins and this track that the garage door is able to open.

Unfortunately, the pins are very easily damaged through, dirt, dust and moisture build-up. Once damaged, the rollers can restrict the movement of the door.

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Once the rollers have decided to give up on you, how do you go about replacing them?

What you’ll need:

– Clamp
– Pliers
– New garage door rollers
– Flat-head screwdriver
– Pry bar
– A friend

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What to Do

– Attach a clamp about two-thirds of the way up the track of the garage door.
-Unplug the garage door opener from the mains for added security and release the door from the power opener.
– At approximately the top of the metal track, use the pliers to bend the track so that it opens slightly.
– Move the roller so that it lines up with the opening you have just made. Take the flat-head screwdriver and use this to pry the roller out from the track.
– Once out, remove the old roller.
– Replace with a new roller and slot the roller back into the track.
– Roll the door down slowly and repeat the process with the other rollers.
– Once you’ve removed and replaced the four bottom rollers, you’ll notice that it is impossible to replace the top roller as it won’t line up correctly with the opening you’ve made.
– You’ll need to bend the track into alignment again and then roll the door back up so that it is open.
– Next you’ll need to bend a part of the track in the overhead part.
– At this point you’ll need a friend to help you, as the door could slip out of the track and hit you on the head.
– Use the screwdriver to pry out the last roller, and then use the pliers to bend the metal track back into shape.


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