How to use air fryer to cook your favorite dishes

Air fryer is a kitchen appliance that can cook without using oil. It works like an oven. It will be consistent with your purpose of preparing healthy cooking, with fewer calories. Every day we are more busy preparing healthy cuisine, choosing the best ingredients and balancing our diet to include all kinds of food. Everyone loves healthy food, steaming assiduously but miss fried foods, especially for its flavor. Here, we’ll discuss how to use air fryer to cook? 

The air fryer does not fry but works in a similar way to an oven but in a much more practical and quick way and of course with less energy consumption.

How to use air fryer to cook?

How to use air fryer to cook

Frying without oil cannot be easier. In reality, these fryers are not much more than miniature ovens, combining the action of a grill with hot air circulating at high speed. So, we must simply select the desired temperature and time and let it do its magic.

Cooking times vary depending on the type of product and its size, in some cases it is advisable to briefly stir the basket in the middle of the “frying”, while in others it is good to add a few drops of oil to the process. In the instructions, we find the approximate times for each type of food, most of which are between 10 and 15 minutes. Generally coinciding with the times indicated on the bag for oven preparation, with the advantage that there is no need wait for it to warm up and, as we will see later, the result is more satisfactory.

Its operating principle is similar to an oven, cooking through fast hot air circulation. Air fryer is formed by the container. It is what determines the capacity and where you should evaluate what volume you need and time and temperature controls.

Its use is simple. Just connect the plug with the board and enter your favorite dish inside the fryer chamber. Wait for a while. After using it, don’t forget to clean.

10 great benefits of Air fryer

benefits of Air fryer

The reduction of extra calories that comes from frying in oil or fat to the food you are cooking. The reduction of cooking time and the fact that you can program time and power. The reduction of the energetic cost comparing it with an oven cooking (the most similar technology). Ease of cleaning, nothing to do with cleaning a traditional fryer.

With a fryer without oil this contribution will be much less or even nil, depending on whether you want to spray oil (to give it flavor) or not to the food to be cooked. Cooking with fewer calories is already possible. Therefore we can conclude that basically the reduction of calories in the preparation of fried foods.

What foods can you prepare in air fryer?

Surely one of the first dishes you can imagine is chips, but you can also prepare:

  • Fish,
  • Nuggets,
  • Empanadillas,
  • Chicken,
  • Skewers,
  • Eggs (fry and boil)

Remember that the principle of these devices makes them a fryer with little oil, maintaining the flavor but without adding calories.

air fryer to cook

Other options for Air fryer, did you think about it?

Have you considered what other kitchen utensils can help you cook without oil? As an example, a good nonstick skillet allows you to cook without hardly any oil, getting effects similar to those mentioned to those achieved with an oil-free fryer. In our case, we have a special post to help you choose the best option of oil-free pans, which you can read here

To choose the best fryer without oil, keep these tips in mind

Yes, it is good that you analyze several points when deciding on the best fryer without oil for your house, not just the price, capacity or consumption.

keep these tips in mind

6 aspects to analyze in your choice:

  1. Fryer without oil price: The price is obviously the number 1 criterion but not the only one, an investment a little greater than the one thought can give good results in the long term.
  2. Capacity for how many people do you usually cook? Think at this point to not buy something too big or small for your day to day
  3. Dimensions (space needed in the kitchen) where will you store the fryer without oil? We know that in the kitchen there is usually no space … think about where you are going to store it before choosing it.
  4. Spares are it to use and throw? do not! Choose appliances that can be repaired to extend their useful life.
  5. Consumption: The power will be transferred directly to your electricity bill … keep it in mind.
  6. Previous user opinions: A must in any current purchase is to know the experience of previous users and their evaluation of real use.

Another noteworthy point is cleanliness. No spills, no fumes, no smells, no dirty oils or nothing at all. You just have to wipe it and scrub the basket from time to time. Nor should we forget about safety (there is no risk of burns from splashing). The savings that do not use oil every time we want to fry some potatoes, as well as the fact that cooking without fat provides an extra healthy.

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