how to pick a bedroom door lock

The doors that we have in our home must always be synonymous with security and also privacy. There are various reasons why we want a corner of our home to be protected and we are the ones who control access. Therefore, when having to choose the best lock, we must know the different models. Let’s discover how to pick a bedroom door lock.

How to pick a bedroom door lock?

bedroom door lock

As far as possible, the choice of bedroom door locks should be coordinated with the choice of the door because, in general, the correct lock will depend on the type of door. Of those that are recommended for interior doors are, for example, those for embedding or recessing. This model serves both to open to the right and the left. But it is always recommended that the lock is of good quality.

Another option for interior doors is deadbolt locks

They have a device so that the latch remains in the closed position. Generally, they are used in the doors of the bathroom. Always check the quality of this system before buying them because without them are ordinary they tend to jam very easily. Usually, these locking mechanisms are placed together with the handle, but some systems are independent of the handle.

The material from which the locks are made should also be taken into account

Those made of plastic are less noisy but also less reliable than those made of metal. It is good to remember that locks with locking devices are ideal for children’s rooms and bedrooms. But also, in these cases, it is also necessary to consider that the specific system of each lock will depend on the type of room where it will be installed.

Interior doors can be fitted with an overlapping latch that would add another locking system

The only disadvantage in this sense is aesthetic because the bolt must be placed on the inside of the door and visible. But regardless of the model we choose, we have to be aware of the importance of our doors having quality bedroom door locks.

Multipoint locks are the most complete to protect your interior doors

As they have several anchors, they are very difficult to force or open with levers. Digital locks that seemed fictional already exist and in case you had the misfortune of having them go through the outer door, this system reinforces the security on the inner doors. They can be opened using your fingerprints or your mobile phone.

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