5 Minor but Significant Home Improvements You Can Make

Let’s say that you’re moving into a new house. Maybe it’s the first one you have owned, or perhaps you feel that it’s time for an upgrade. Maybe you have a new baby coming, you’ve got a couple of teenagers who want their own rooms, or it could be that you need a study or an office where you can escape from the rest of the family for a while.

Whatever your reason for moving, you probably have a set amount of money to spend, and you can’t go much higher than that. You have to accept the homes that are in your price range if you want to stay in a particular city or neighborhood.

This also means that you have to accept your new home’s appearance. However, just because you can’t completely change how a home looks, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add little details to make it more your own. Adding your aesthetic flair can let someone visiting know a bit about your personality.

Let’s look at some of the minor home improvements you can make once you’ve finished moving and are ready to decorate.

Add a New Door Knocker

Modifying doors is one way that you can give your new house some personal touches. You can always do things like install new hinges and latches, but most visitors are not going to notice those.

You can get their attention by installing a new door knocker on the front door or the back or side doors if you’re so inclined. There are millions of different door knockers, and you can shop for one at a place like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

You might also look toward places like Etsy, though, if you want something a bit more unusual or elaborate. You can get brass ones, or copper, cast iron, pewter, etc. You can also find ones in all kinds of shapes, such as shells, sea monsters, animals, or anything else that reflects either your style or some niche with which you associate.

Install a New Mailbox

You might feel like an interesting mailbox will add your own flavor when you purchase a new home. Again, you can look for more unique ones on Etsy or more traditional ones at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

You might get one that looks like Snoopy’s doghouse. You can find ones that look like trains, planes, or ships. Perhaps you want one that looks like an alligator if you live in Florida.

If you’re a dog trainer, then you can get a canine-related one. You might look on Pinterest for inspiration. When someone sees a unique mailbox at your driveway’s end, they’ll learn a little about you without ever actually speaking to you.

Install a Fun Downspout

Your gutters and downspouts are another area where you can proclaim your quirkiness if you like. There are all kinds of gargoyles and other creatures that you can get that you can attach right to your downspout’s end. Whenever it rains, the runoff will flow right of this new addition’s mouth.

You can find ones made of all sorts of materials and in nearly endless shapes. Some of them twirl around and look like waterslides. You might even commission an artist to make you a one-of-a-kind one if you have something specific in mind for your residence.

Install Fun New House Numbers

You can also install new house numbers if you think that the current ones are boring or don’t fit your idea of what your home should be. You can go to a home supply store and find several different styles, and each one will say something a little different about you.

Framed ones exist set in subway tiles that you can affix to your exterior wall by your front door. The method by which you attach them will vary depending on your home’s building materials.

Install a New Rain Barrel

Maybe you have a backyard or a garden, or both. You want rainwater to reach it to help your grass and plants grow, but you also want to have a ready water supply on hand for the dry times.

You can install a backyard rain barrel that catches water runoff from the gutters. You might also have water that runs from a buried sump pump into the barrel. That solves two problems at once since you’re keeping your basement dry, and you’ll also have a ready plant watering source starting right after you install it.

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