Using the Sun to power a home.

With unseasonal heat waves, wildfires, droughts and intense temperatures, it seems clear that the climate change that experts have predicted is coming true. There still seems to be some debate about this but if this is the new norm we all need to start to contribute to reducing our carbon production. With the recent changes from the government setting out their position on the subject, it seems that we, the regular householder, will have to take the burden on.

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So, with this in mind perhaps it is time to consider Solar Panel Installers Bristol based to come and fit some to your roof? The Sun is an abundant energy source and the advances in Solar panel technology are incredible. For the photovoltaic cell to be charged you know only need a minimum amount of light. Full sunlight is best but with the changes in our climate, it is certainly something we will see more of.

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The shining of the Sun on the cell will be more than enough to power your home and even charge the electric car that you were going to have to buy before the government changed their position on green matters. Using the solar panel can actually mean that your home generates power that can then be sold back into the national grid. Theoretically, we could all become the UK’s new power station, supplying power to each other through our solar panels. 

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