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If you are thinking of selling or renting a house or a flat in Barcelona, ​​you are probably wondering whether to do it as an individual or if it is better to hire the services of a Real Estate Agency.

Considering my experience, based on the opinions that I have found on the internet and speaking personally with all of them, I have prepared this list trying to find the best real estate agency in Barcelona.

Should you hire a real estate agency to sell your apartment in Barcelona?

The answer is simple: the sector enjoys a good reputation. For many years bad practices were carried out by some companies that saw a business opportunity in the real estate sector.

I remember how some entrepreneurs from very different sectors set up a real estate agent due to the large volume of operations carried out in the market and the little investment needed to start. This situation caused professionals in the sector and some opportunists to act at the same time.

Most of these newly created real estate agencies decided to direct their investment towards other sectors when profitability ceased to be expected and the market regularized.

The number of open agencies decreased and only those who had the necessary experience to adapt to the new situation remained.

In addition, the internet made its appearance in an overwhelming way, making the client become the true protagonist of the 21st century.

About Equinox

The founders of Equinox are very clear: they are not just any real estate agency. They are dedicated to selling and renting unique and beautiful homes, which they would live in themselves.

They live the sector differently, and it shows. Concerned about making the client feel accompanied at all times, they take care of the forms and the substance, making their management a unique experience. They know how to communicate.

They have tons of followers who are very active in social networks to whom they give current and quality content every week.

Through their website, you will have access to information about their workers, their fees, and testimonials from clients who have already worked with them with transparency by the flag.

Do you want to know what they say about Equinox?

Natalia: “We have felt cared for from day one. When we decided to sell the apartment, we were scared to death. Both Víctor and Esther informed us of the possibilities we had, and not only did they sell us the apartment, but they also found another one that suited us perfectly. We were struck by how they take care of all the details from the apartment advertisements on the internet to the day of the Notary’s Office. There was a last-minute problem with the buyer, but everything went well. ”

Alberto: “Very happy. It took a little longer than expected to sell but for a good reason. They knew how to wait for the buyer to realize that the price was fair for everyone. It feels good when you feel supported and they are not trying to convince you to lower the price the first time. Even so, it didn’t take us three months. ”

Terrassa: “I wanted to sell my apartment. I called various agencies. The truth is that I immediately noticed the difference. It caught my attention that they invited me to their office to present their proposal. There I could see that what I want for my apartment is not viable now, so I have decided not to put it up for sale yet. Thanks for the advice.”

Real Estate Agencies VS Technology and Business

Since the telegraph was patented in 1836 until today, advances in the way we communicate have had the greatest impact on our lives.

In 1878 the telephone rang for the first time and only 100 years later, the first Internet businesses appear. From the year 97, advertising multiplies and the internet is emerging as the main channel of human communication, almost replacing the telephone and television.

Its use is skyrocketing and penetrating the population at a furious rate. And even more so when smartphones or smartphones end up putting the internet in the pocket of a very high percentage of the world’s population.

These advances translate into information. We can access almost any type of response, solution or information from any device in real-time, being able to choose the option that best suits our needs or interests. Of course, not all information has the same value.

Given this environment, companies have had to adapt. It is no longer worth saying how good we are, but we must provide solutions to the real problems of our clients.

At the same time, it is easy to find information about the experience that others have had with our service or product. So, the concern for satisfying customers has forced most companies to put the “batteries”, and the real estate sector has not been oblivious to this change.

It’s true. Many companies in the sector have not yet taken the step and it is still tough to know which real estate is the best to sell.

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