Dryer Appliance Repair vs. Replacement: Pros & Cons

When the dryer machine breaks down, you ask yourself if you should repair or replace it. There are pros and cons to repairing and replacing damaged dryers, and you need to consider the cost, the type and degree of damage, and the machine’s parts that have issues. At the end of the day, a replacement might be the cost-saving solution.

Read on to today’s entire piece to help you figure out and take necessary consideration. Will you repair or replace it?

Things to consider if you will repair or replace:

  • Expected appliance lifespan
  • 50% Rule
  • Warranty
  • Hidden charges and other fees
  • Energy Consumption
  • DIY vs. Professional repair

Repair Vs. Replacement: When should you do it?

Now you know the factors when weighing your option – to repair or replace. Next, take a quick comparison of the two according to their pros and cons.

When is it better to repair vs. replace dryers?

The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with dryer parts. There are two main parts that you could observe.

One is the dryer interiors. The interiors contain the dryer vents, ductwork, heat regulator, and other electrical circuits. Now, if you notice, damages exist among these parts. What do you think is the best way to fix issues? Or when is it time to fix and tighten a loose screw yourself?

1- The expected lifespan of the appliance

A typical dryer machine lasts from 7 to 15 years, and some brands would live longer depending on the quality of their materials. If the dryer machine is nearing its old age, it will break down soon.

So, in terms of repair vs. replace. An old appliance would soon need replacement no matter how many times you’ve repaired it.

2- 50% rule: Cost of repair vs. replace

The 50% rule refers to how much a dryer repair would cost vs. the replacement cost if the repair fees would already cost more than 50% of the actual appliance cost, then better to replace it with a new one.

But if the repair is less than 50% of the price of the appliance, such as an appliance repair San Diego or a cleaning dryer vent, the no need to replace it. Expats maintenance of dryer vents is there to help you avoid expensive new appliances.

Under this rule, you need to learn about the essential parts.

There are two: 

a.Dryer interiors

The interior of the dryers would consist of the dryer vents, duct, heat regulator, switch power source, and other electrical circuits and pieces.

These would often be the parts that need a professional dryer repair service—especially when dealing with complex ductwork and wires. You need to worry about using the right tools and techniques to fix it without creating fire hazards and other concerns.

b.Dryer exteriors

Surrounding the dryer machine is the exterior wall. Sometimes loose screws are dangling in the corner. Maybe it’s the reason why you are hearing thumping and drumming sounds. Most often, the exercise wall of the dryer would get fixed with DIY solutions.

And most of the time, a simple regular cleaning is all you need.

3- Warranty of the appliance

Look back on your dryer machine’s warranty. Some go over ten years of warranty, and while you feel that you want to replace the dryer with a new one, a warranty could save you cash. If the warranty still covers the appliance, you would only need to bring the machine to the service center of that dryer’s brand. This is a sure way to lessen your expenses.

4- Hidden charges and other fees when you repair vs. replace

Consider other fees such as transporting the newly bought appliance vs. hiring an expert team to visit your home for repairs.

In terms of hidden charges, the repair is better than the replacement. This is especially true if the dryer machine has NOT yet reached its expected lifespan.

5- DIY repair is possible

The last thing to consider is checking if you can fix the damage yourself. You may only be dealing with a loose screw or a clogged dryer vent, and these things are easy to do and will not need to call an expert maintenance service.

The last important tip is that you must know your dryer parts. The ones you will not be familiar with surrey need experts’ skill and knowledge. Ask the pro’s advice as well. Sometimes they will let you know when it is time that you need to get a replacement for the appliance.

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