Domotics for the home: 15 tips to improve your home

Technology is becoming more and more necessary in our lives. It also implies adapting our homes to new trends. For this reason, here we will tell you everything you need to know about home automation and all the advice you need to know about domotics.

Whether you’re looking for security or comfort, home automation can be a great ally when it comes to saving not only time but also money.

The important thing about this technology is that it allows us to be connected with each part of our house and thus be able to automate all functions. It is important to keep in mind, that to achieve the dramatization of the house, you need experts in the field to be able to make the necessary installations.

What is domotics?

Domotics for the home

Domotics is an example of the home automation system. Before continuing with the advice, let’s define what is a domotic system.

We want our house to be self-sufficient and intelligent, but we do not know exactly how to make it possible; and this is where the home automation system comes in.

Basically, this is an easy and simple way to manage and visualize all the applications that we have in our house, and thus control more easily the air conditioning, alarms, lights, blinds, cameras, among other functions.

You need experts in the field to be able to make the necessary installations. It does not matter if you are not at home, this system can be controlled remotely. In addition, it can also be done automatically.

In addition, home automation helps integrate every aspect of the house more easily; and it is very simple to manage.

home automation system

However, there are some limitations to these types of system that you should keep in mind:

The price for the installation of this type of system is not so cheap. So, you should be aware that you may have to spend a lot of money for its installation. You must do constant maintenance to avoid failures in the functions.

Also, it is important that you only hire professionals to install the system. Do not attempt to do it for yourself. These are complicated to install and use certain protocols and unified language that hinders their understanding. If you have no knowledge of electricity, computer, circuits, then better call a specialist.

Home automation and the environment

Home automation and the environment

This type of system allows us to optimize our way of spending energy, becoming experts in saving it. Despite the fact that many experts believe that home automation does the opposite. There are several studies that explain that this type of system. By turning our home into an intelligent space, helps us to save energy.

Reducing the ecological footprint that we as humans leave on the planet every day is not an easy task. From recycling to walking instead of driving, are small things we can do to improve the future of the world. Sometimes we miss something very important, the energy expenditure of our house.

Therefore, experts explain that a home automation system helps to reduce the energy of the home. Because it allows us to effectively control what we consume.

Home automation allows:

From heating to water, this system can be integrated into every place of our home, not only saving us money but also helping the environment.

Here, we will tell you 6 tricks that you must follow to save energy with your home automation system.

  • When installing the system, ask an electrician to check the electrical connection.
  • Do not place switches, choose better dimmers.
  • Ask the person installing the system to set the lights to turn off when no one is in the rooms.
  • Instead of yellow light, choose white or LED lights.
  • It is always pending the light regulator. If there are high peaks, then check where the problem may be.
  • Always check the electrical installations, some experts suggest that you should do it every 10 years.

Tips to improve your home with home automation

Connect everything for better communication

Connect everything for better communication

Many people do not know that they can connect each of the rooms to a central panel so they can have more control over these spaces.

Also, we can have many more options and allow life within our home to be much simpler and more personalized.

What do you need to have your house connected?

There are different types of companies that provide home automation service, which is responsible for placing a wireless system to control spaces. No matter where you are, you can have control of your house.

 control of your house

An electronic mechanism must be installed without damaging existing connections in the home, such as light, air conditioning, water, intercoms, among others.

Learn about all the applications offered by this system

One of the biggest mistakes made by those who install a home automation system in their home is not knowing what functions it offers.

Therefore, it is important to know all the applications that we have integrated and what each one of them works for; in this way, we can have a better overview of what we can control and what we should take into consideration and be aware of a malfunction.

Hire only professionals

Hire only professionals

This point is very important. Hiring only certified professionals will save you not only time but money; While it is true that perhaps the home automation system is not the cheapest, you must be sure who you hire.

The best advice we can give you is to look for a company that is dedicated to this; ask for references and if you know a friend or a family member who has previously worked with them, ask them to see your house and show you the functionality of the system.

You can control from the lights to the electronic devices. It is very important that you ask and clarifies any questions before hiring.

You must check

It is here, where you must check. There are different domotic systems that can be installed. But everything will depend on the needs you have inside your house and your family.

Check your Internet connection and if you do not have, you must hire a service. The home automation system works with the Internet, therefore, if you do not have this service you must hire it. You must be extremely careful and avoid vulnerabilities in the system which can cause a hack.

Before installing the system makes clear that you want to be protected, and asks for an antivirus and extra protection against cyber attacks.

The adequate lighting

adequate lighting

As we mentioned earlier, lighting in this type of system is very important; therefore, the control of this must be through regulators and not switches.

The issue with the regulators is that this function helps save a lot more electricity since we can have the intensity of the lights either at the minimum, medium or high.

Each member of your family is benefited by this technology. Also, we can control when we want the lights to stop working, or if we are not in the room that they are lit.

The lights can be your allies

Also, the lights can be your allies when warning about dangers; You can configure them to turn on and off if an intruder has entered the house, or prevent them from entering.

The blinds can also be controlled

One of the reasons why many people install domotic systems in their homes is to control the entry of light. With this technology, we can motorize our blinds or curtains, without having to do it manually.

This helps us to better control the solar radiation that enters our house, as well as the temperature of it.

Windows can also be controlled

Windows can also be controlled

If you want to go a step further, then ask for a window driver to be installed. From the windows, lights, and blinds, you can control everything with home automation.

This function allows the windows to work like the grilles of an air conditioner: they will open allowing the entry of air and will close when the desired temperature has been reached.

Heating should also be within this system

The electricity bill increases especially when it is winter; that’s why home automation is the best option to control this energy expenditure.

Surely you ask yourself, how does it work?

Check this infographics:

Home automation infographics

The heating system is connected to the central panel so you can control with the control when and when it should not be on.

Likewise, you can also place it in automatic mode so that it is managed alone, and with this, you can save up to 40% of energy expenditure, which translates into a significant saving of money.

Ideally, you can control the whole house with a single thermostat.

Control the dangers

Home automation allows you to have absolute control of your home, and thus prevent serious accidents.

This system helps detect gas leaks, water and of course, warns when it detects smoke somewhere in the house, in this way, you can be much calmer that your family will be protected.

And, of course, it also warns about the transfer of intruders to the property.

In addition, it is connected to the emergency system, which will allow it to communicate with the police or firefighters, if necessary.

Control of life

Yes, it sounds exaggerated, but this system is very useful especially for those elderly people living alone.

Home automation adapts to the needs of people who live in the house; If you are an older person, then this person will be aware of any risk that the person may suffer.

In addition, also, it will scan the house in case it does not detect movements, even if the person is inside it; This is for the purpose of if the person needs medical assistance, the system warns the authorities.

Lights on the baseboards

Lights on the baseboards

We know that many times we stumble at night when we want to get to the bathroom; but with home automation, this will not happen anymore, since we can ask to install lights on the skirting boards that only activate at night or when it is very dark, so we avoid stumbling.

Deterrent system

Deterrent system

We have already talked about the security provided by this system, however, home automation has a very particular function, which is that it works as a deterrent for intruders.

The system, when it detects an intruder inside the house, works as a protective shield and uses dissuasive methods to prevent entry into the home while notifying the police.

The way to do it is to turn on the sprinklers, turn on the lights, activate the alarm, and close the doors.

Leisure cannot be left behind

But if you thought that home automation was to keep you protected, and save you money on your electricity bill, then you’re wrong; since it also functions as a leisure center.

From anywhere in the house you can listen to music or the news. No matter where you are, the system will follow you and allow you to listen to what is happening on the TV in the living room, or the room, even if you are in the kitchen.

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