What is the best travel cot for your baby?

If you plan to travel with your child, either for vacations or to spend a weekend with a family member or friend, a travel cot can make the stay more relaxing for you and your little one. This type of cot not only gives the baby a safe and familiar place to sleep when he is away from home. It can also be useful while at home, so he/she can nap in the garden or another room of the house.

List of best travel cot

  • BabyBjorn travel cot
  • Safety Travel Crib 1st Soft Dreams
  • Asalvo Travel Mix Plus Travel Cot
  • Travel Crib Hauck Dream’n Play Plus
  • Travel Cot Chicco Goodnight
  • Travel Crib Jane Tangram II
  • Travel Cradle TecTake

On the other hand, parents give us the freedom to travel and stay almost anywhere, without having to worry about where or in what conditions our son will sleep. Undoubtedly, having an adequate travel cot will help you both have restful nights away from home.

What is a travel cot?

travel cot

It is a crib specially designed for trips that involve staying to sleep outside the home. Due to this, it has a series of characteristics that distinguish it from any other cradle type: they are lighter, fold and unfold easily and are usually quite compact once closed.

It is an excellent option if you do not want to limit your options when choosing accommodation since not all sites have cots or even when they are available, they may not give you total confidence. It is also a good option for you. If you are going to visit a relative or friend since it is normal that they do not have a crib, except if they have a baby of a similar age or not very old children

Where to buy a portable travel cot?

It is normal to find travel cradles in any store that sells items for children: “neighborhood” stores, large maternity stores, department stores, and online stores. Anyway, keep in mind that the smaller the store, the less variety it will have, simply because of space. Those who do not suffer this type of limitations are online stores. Also, they usually have a better price than physical stores.

If you choose to buy the travel cot in an online store, I advise you to do it at Amazon. It has variety and good price, usually the best. Also, if once you buy the travel cot, you do not like it or it just does not meet your expectations, you return it without further ado. Without explanations, quickly and easily and without any additional cost.

Types of travel cots

Types of travel cots

There are two large groups of travel cots:

Travel nets

Designed especially for the little ones, until the child is able to sit up. They are suitable for both exterior and interior. These nests are usually textiles and have canopy, mosquito net, inflatable mattress or padding and arc games. Its base is flat and do not have legs. They are very light (approx. 3 Kg) and usually have a pop-up display system (assembly with a single movement).

Traditional travel cots

They can be used since the child is born. Another thing is that it is more or less comfortable to use it with very small babies. Its walls are made of cloth and mesh and many of them have a raised level for newborns. In addition, some include a portable and removable changer for the first months.

Within the traditional travel cradles we find 2 types:

Folding travel cribs

They are light versions that can be easily folded so that they occupy the minimum possible space. Due to their lightness, they can be less resistant, so it may not be suitable for larger, more active babies.

Removable cribs

Classic travel cribs are generally heavier, less ergonomic and more difficult to transport. On the other hand, they are tough enough to do a good job in all situations, as well as with large, active babies.

Which is the best option? Everything will depend on what kind of trips you do. If you regularly use the car to get around, a heavier or more bulky crib will be less problematic than if you use public transport. If you plan to use it for camping, camping, etc., you definitely need a lighter and more portable model.

How to choose the travel cot that suits you best?

How to choose

Before buying a travel cot, you have to check certain things, such as the appropriateness to the age, the weight, and size of the baby, the type of mattress or stability, among these other things.

Also, we advise you to take into account the following aspects:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Whether you’re a handyman or not, you’ll want to build the crib as soon as possible.

Some travel cradles can be assembled in seconds, unfolding quickly and moving certain parts to fix the structure; other models are more complicated to assemble. You have to fit piece by piece. Choose a model that you can assemble without help from anyone, in case it ever happens.

Do not forget to assemble it at home before the first trip. Otherwise, you may have difficulty assembling it when you reach your destination, and the baby may end up sleeping with you in the same bed.

The time you are going to use it

The period of time during which you intend to use the travel cot will help determine which model you should buy. The different travel cots are suitable for specific age ranges and their use outside those ranges is not safe.

The right size

The manufacturer of each model will determine the maximum size and weight that the child should have for each crib. Some of the most compact cribs are lightweight and easy to store and transport. For this reason, they usually last up to 18 months.

The larger and heavier models can be used for all stages of the baby until you can sleep in your bed. So, you can get the most out of them.

Special mention is the travel nests, designed specifically for children from birth until they can join, so they are the least time we can use.


The most important feature when buying an accessory for the baby is safety. Not only does it have to be manufactured according to European regulations in force for cradles, but it also has to be made with resistant, non-toxic and fire-resistant materials. In addition, it must have good ventilation.


Obviously, you want your baby to be as comfortable as possible to make sure he sleeps peacefully at night. If the crib mattress is too thin, you may not feel comfortable and sleep. Therefore, in case you opt for a crib that has this type of mattress, you will probably have to buy another mattress so that your child is comfortable.

Also, it is preferable that the mattress has a waterproof, machine washable cover so that it can be easily cleaned.

What is my favorite best travel cot?

There is not a perfect travel cot. They are only suitable for you and your baby. You have to find the one that best suits your circumstances. To choose correctly, keep in mind the different aspects that I mentioned before.

Anyway, to make it easier, I made a comparative table (I updated it frequently) with my selection of what I consider the best travel cots. This table is based on my own experience and that of other fathers and mothers.

BabyBjörn travel cot

BabyBjörn travel cot

The BabyBjorn travel cot is light (6 Kg) and fully portable. It is mounted with a single movement. There are no loose pieces. The legs open automatically and with the built-in base of the mattress, the crib is completely stable.

When you are not using it, you can fold it easily and store it in the carrying bag with handles included.

Thanks to its compact design, this travel cot occupies very little space in the room. Open has dimensions of 112 x 64 x 82 cm. Folded, its dimensions are 60 x 49 x 14 cm.

It is appropriate from nothing else to be born until 3 years of age or until your child has learned to go outside. There is no weight limit to use it.

The four sides of the travel cradle are made of mesh, a ventilated and soft mesh fabric. This allows your baby to breathe without difficulty even if he stays with his face stuck to the sides. In addition, it allows you to have good visual control over the child at the same time he looks out.

This cradle has only one height, a few centimeters from the ground, so it can be a little uncomfortable to put and take the baby out of it.

It includes a soft mattress of the special design of 105 x 60 x 4 cm which makes this crib a pleasant and comfortable place for your baby to sleep. Both the mattress cover and the fabric of the crib can be easily removed, and machine washed.

Travel Cradle Safety 1st Soft Dreams

Travel Cradle Safety 1st Soft Dreams

The Safety 1st Soft Dreams travel cradle weighs about 8 kg and folds and unfolds like an umbrella quite quickly. It is very stable thanks to the wooden fiber bed base. Open has dimensions of 123 x 62 x 75 cm.

It has an ultra-compact folding. So, you can store it and transport it very easily inside the carrying bag with handles included. It is appropriate from 0 months until the child reaches 15 kg of weight. Also, it includes a slightly hard mattress of 120 x 60 x 2 cm. Be careful about the hardness and thickness of the bed. The recommendation is to buy another one to put it on and that the baby can sleep more comfortably.

Also, it has only one height, so putting and removing the baby from the crib can be a bit uncomfortable.

Asalvo Mix Plus Travel Cot

Asalvo Mix Plus Travel Cot

The Plus Plus travel cradle of Asalvo is one of the most complete on the market since it has a double height with rack system, a removable changing mat, a bow for games, a toy pocket and a large cot hole. It is completely decorated with large illustrations on all four sides and has large network windows. Open has dimensions of 126 x 65 x 78 cm.

Its structure is firm and stable, offering security at all times as it prevents unexpected swings or dangerous movements. It is suitable for babies from 0 months to 3 years.

In contrast to its many advantages, we have that it is less “portable” than others since it weighs around 11 kilos and although the assembly mechanism is very simple, the first times, it can take up to 15 minutes following the instructions. This time is reduced as you gain experience in the assembly.

In any case, although due to the weight it is not transported as easily as others, it has a very compact folding, measuring folded 78 x 22 x 22 cm. Once folded, it can be stored and transported in the bag included for that purpose.

It has two wheels with a brake to move it more easily from one place to another in the house, as well as to fix it well to a specific place. It has a padded base but does not include the mattress.

Travel Cot Hauck Dream’n Play Plus

Travel Cot Hauck Dream'n Play Plus

The Hauck Dream’n Play Plus travel crib weighs about 10 kilos and can be assembled and folded in a relatively short time. It has two large mesh windows on the sides and a practical exit hatch that opens and closes with a zipper. Open has dimensions of 125 x 65 x 76 cm

It is recommended for babies from 0 months until the baby reaches 15 kg of weight. It has a compact folding occupying very little space (76 x 23 x 24 cm). Once folded, it can be stored and transported in the bag included for it.

It includes a folding mattress of 120 x 60 cm a little hard, so it is recommended to buy another one so that the baby can sleep more comfortable.

Travel Cot Chicco Goodnight

Travel Cot Chicco Goodnight

The Chicco Goodnight is a lightweight travel cradle compared to similar ones (8 kg), with umbrella closure and an easy opening system. Open has dimensions of 122 x 62 x 75 cm.

Its rounded edges, stable legs and double safety device in the bottom of the crib that prevents accidental closure guarantee maximum safety. It is recommended for babies from 0 months until the child is 15 kg.

It has an ultra-compact folding since folded has a size of 76 x 20 x 20 cm. Once folded, you can store it and transport it in the practical bag with handles that it includes.

It includes a rigid mattress that is folded in 4 to surround the crib with padding of no more than 1cm, so it is recommended to buy an additional mattress for greater comfort of the baby.

Cradle Travel Jane Tangram II

Cradle Travel Jane Tangram II

The Jane Tangram II travel cradle weighs about 9 kg and has a size of 129 x 71.5 x 77 cm. It has two heights, being able to use the upper level from birth to 3-4 months. The lower height can be used up to 36 months.

It has two wheels with a brake so that we can easily move from one part of the house to another, as well as to secure it safely to a specific place. It has an easy and compact folding with its folded dimensions of 81.5 x 24 x 24 cm. Once folded, we can store it in the carrying bag with handles included. The advantage of this bag, unlike most, is that you can remove the wheels from the crib. So, we can move it like a suitcase.

Includes bow of games with 3 small dolls that will help in the visual stimulation of the baby. It does not include a mattress itself, but a small base with wood and a little padded foam. So, it is advisable to buy a mattress as such to make the baby more comfortable.

Travel Cot TecTake

Travel Cot TecTake

The travel cradle of Tec Take weighs more than 11 Kg and open dimensions of 132 x 75 x 104. It has double height, a removable changer (thanks to its clip mechanism), a bow of games, a toy pocket, and a large cot hole. So that, the child can leave and enter the crib independently.

Mounts and disassembles easily, calculating a time of assembly of about 5 minutes. Once removed, we can store it and transport it in the bag with handles included for that purpose. Folded has dimensions of 77 x 23 x 23 cm.

Two of the legs have wheels with brakes so that we can move it comfortably from one place to another in the house, as well as fix it safely.

More than a mattress as such has a hard and very thin mattress, 1.5 cm thick, so it is advisable to buy a mattress itself. So that, the baby feels comfortable at bedtime.

Which one do I stay with?

The truth is that the choice depends mostly on what you are going to use it for, but if you are going to use it to travel and travel with a certain frequency, I will choose… BabyBjorn travel cot.

It is the most portable travel cradle, both due to its light weight and its folded dimensions, it is mounted in a single movement and has a suitable mattress. So that, your baby can sleep comfortably without needing to buy an extra one. Also, it is one of the best-selling and best travel cots. A sure bet!

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