Signs That a Career in Architecture Could Be The Right Choice

With London’s skyline increasingly dominated by extraordinary structures like the Shard, and TV shows like Grand Designs igniting a passion to design and build, architecture is more high-profile than ever before. There are also more and more people looking to build their own dream homes with the support of relevant professionals in the building and design sectors. But what does it take to become an architect?

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An architect needs a variety of skills and interests, and they need to excel at disciplines like structural, electrical and mechanical engineering. What’s more, an architect must balance a variety of calculations to take safe and sound structures from the drawing board to the real world. That takes brainpower.

It goes without saying that you’ll also need a range of qualifications, and you can find out more at the Royal Institute of British Architects’ website. Architects are lifelong learners, staying abreast of new skills, developments and of course building regulations. If that appeals, this is the career for you. For details on Residential Architects London, go to

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Architecture is one profession where you can dream big – there’s nothing you can’t build, and no material you can’t work with. Think of the structures at the 2012 London Olympics, including the iconic stadium itself and its tensile fabric structure. If you’re excited about working with glass or stone, this is the profession for you. You can design everything from one-off bespoke pieces to regular designs.

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