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A declaration of solvency can be affected by whether the property in question is being sold at market value or for less than its market value, or where no money is changing hands. This is also known as a transfer of equity. These processes will be more familiar to those who have worked in business before, especially for individuals who specialise in property management.

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Many people have interests in properties, but usually from an architectural or decorative standpoint. This interest is met by many tv channels who produce shows surrounding the renovation of houses and the sale or purchase of new properties, both home and abroad. These can be very interesting to watch for many audience members, but the pricing is usually only correct at the time of filming due to the inconsistent nature and changes within the property market. There are also a handful of popular shows who are aimed at people interested in decoration. These shows usually have a guest at the beginning of the show who wants to change the outdates interior of their homes. This can be done more superficially within a day, or with more detail and changed over a much longer period of time. Popular changes include the installation of new kitchens and bathrooms, including appliances. Other popular changes revolve around painting, light installations and decorating with new furniture.

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