Blinds Vs. Curtains

If you’re looking to brighten up dull windows or feel like changing your décor, then you need to decide on the proper window dressing for each room of your home. Different window coverings have benefits and drawbacks, so you must choose carefully to ensure you get exactly what you’re seeking in terms of practicality and style. Here we look at the advantages of installing blinds as opposed to curtains:

Light Control

The amount of light you want to enter a room can be controlled by simply opening or closing either blinds or curtains. However, you can only do one or the other with a pair of curtains. Blinds offer greater flexibility to angle the light, so you can still have a little coming in and not block out the light altogether. Blinds can be adjusted vertically or horizontally, depending on your chosen style. Curtains don’t offer this level of flexibility.

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This can be offered by blinds and curtains, the ability to block the view between your home’s interior and any passers-by or neighbours. However, with curtains, you also have to block out light to achieve this privacy, which you might not always want to do. Blinds can be tilted so that you can let light in and restrict any visibility from the outside. To see Cheltenham Blinds, go to a site like


Curtains come in various colours and patterns, but not so much choice over the material they are made from. By choosing blinds for your home, you can choose the design, colour, and material. A range of materials can add interest and dynamics to your décor, such as natural wood or plastic. The perfect choice for bathrooms is made from more hygienic, waterproof materials.

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Not many of us can find the time to wash and iron all the curtains in our home or have to take them to be dry cleaned. Blinds offer far less maintenance; most need the occasional wipe-down. Instead of unhooking curtains from the pole and having a bare window until they are dry, blinds can be dusted. This saves you time, money, and effort without losing privacy.


Both window coverings are available in many colours and designs, but you should also consider the size of the room in which you want to hang either blinds or curtains. If you want to make a small space look bigger, blinds are both space-saving and expose more of the window, making the room look bigger. Curtains can take up space and appear heavy, creating a more enclosed space.

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