Modern decor for university students

Cheltenham Student Accommodation such as that offered by is designed to give students a safe and comfortable space to live in, close to their university whilst they study for their chosen degrees. The spaces will come with certain items of furniture and of course white goods in the kitchen such as cookers, fridges, and kettles.

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When it comes to the bedroom space you will often be given a bed, bedroom furniture, and an all-important desk to study on. But you might want to add your own stamp on the space and here are some modern decor ideas that you might want to look at.

Plants – adding some plants to your space is not only an instant way to bring some of the beauty of the outdoors inside but it also is a great way to help with anxiety and stress levels. It is important to check with your student landlord that you are allowed plants. If the answer is no, there are plenty of artificial plants that you can find that will add the same feeling and a wonderful sense of colour.

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Blankets and Cushions – any student who has worked late into the evening will know how important comfort is. Sitting for long periods of time at your desk completing research and your assignments can be hard going on your back and neck. Having some cushions that you can prop yourself up against or relax in after a long day’s study can have you feeling calmer and revitalised in no time.

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