Tips You Can Use for Roofing and Roof Renovation

It is important to keep your roof in good shape and appearance, though sometimes its age or damage caused by weather cannot make that possible.

Are you left wondering about what your next step should be? As a structure owner, before you take that decision to either install or renovate, you may have to consider how durable it is, the price, or if you want something that is eco-friendly.

Aesthetics are important, but so is the cost, weight, and installation requirements. You can check out Rhino-Back Roofing for more details. Every quality material should be fire resistant, rain resistant, noise resistant, wind resistant, cost effective and lightweight. Other features such as manufacturer and warranty may be considered.

Today, there are various products sold in different types and styles. Choosing, the one that satisfies your needs can prove to be a tough work. Whether you are building from scratch or choosing a new roof for your existing home, a wide range of materials are readily available and worthy of consideration. These include:

These are mostly made from cedar. Also, they can be poduced using woods that are resistant to rotting. Wood offers a natural appearance even though it is not that durable and may need periodic maintenance.

  • Clay tiles

These are manufactured from clay. They are produced from using natural resources but needs a considerable amount of energy for production. Clay tiles may be durable and and cost less to maintain but are a bit delicate. For this, they are usually quite expensive.

  • Plastic polymer

These have low maintenance. They are durable and synthetic roofing shingles that be recycled.

  • Concrete tiles

The tiles can last longer and are relatively cheaper compared to clay tiles. They are derrived from natural resources but require more energy to produce. This makes them costly.

  • Asphalt Composition Shingles

These are often made of fiberglass or organic paper fiber mat mixed with asphalt and mineral granules coating. It comes at a reasonable price too.

  • Metal

Metals can always be recycled but needs a significant amount of energy to produce. It is important to note that the durability will depend on the properties of the metal.

  • Natural slate

This is among some of the old materials that’s being used for roofing. This is among the best natural materials for building constructions.

The value of this material depends on its durability, versatility and impermeability. A natural slate appeal is among the strongest attributes it has. It is the one most owners who seek to satisfy their aesthetic preferences go for.

When you apply it to any pitched roof, its natural texture, grain and color often delivers a clean and sculptured appearance that’s quite beautiful. See this link to find out some of the best material you could use

A quality slate is quite durable and would often perform better compared to other materials. Besides, this type of slates are immune to most insects, are fireproof, and doesn’t easily encourage the growth of fungus or any microorganisms for that matter. Its beauty and reliability makes it the a great solution for buildings. This doesn’t depend on any trend or style since they can adopt to any design.

What to remember when choosing the right roofing material for you

  • The design of your home

With existence of various options, you can face a challenge for anyone to pick the best. Let’s look at a few factors when shopping for these materials:

Your choice may depend partially on your style back at home. For instance, the asphalt material is quite dynamic and suit most designs. But, for homes with antique style, tiles would be a good option.

Also, structures painted in yellow, green or red are complemented with dark colors. Blue or grey colored homes can work better with black or dark grey colors; you can use the same with white houses as well. This is to bring out that classic contrasting appeal. Homes that are painted tan, brown or cream would blend well with brown, or a combo of a little cream and brown. 

  • Climatic conditions

If you are staying in a place that always receive more rain, go for something that can withstand the weather. You also need to take a look at the sloping design that lets in water easily. Trees that are slightly higher than your house and a humid coastal climate can cause things like algae and mold to grow on your roof thus affecting its overall performance.

  • Weight

Heavy materials may affect the structural integrity. Instead you should use those that complement your building’s structural stability, not those that may burden or even overburden it.

  • Roofing application

Regardless of whether it is being put on a new building, as replacement, or just being added to another building plays a major role when choosing the material.  For new structures, you have wide range of options because your options are not limited since you have replacements.

  • Maintenance

What are some of the good maintenance practices that you will need? You will need to find something that you can easily manage.

  • Longevity

Don’t forget that different products have different lifespans, so you need to choose the one that best meets your goals. Ask yourself if you plan to sell your house soon or not.

  • Energy efficiency

Using the right products can help by saving you some money when it comes to your energy costs. Other materials, like asphalt and metal can always reflect away the heat from the sun. This is better compared to absorbing it and then emitting it inside the house.

However, when you have a cooler roof, you won’t be needing any AC in your house. This will definitely have a positive impact when it comes to your energy costs.

You can also put on a solar panel that support it. Click here to read a few more tips that can be useful for roof renovation.

  •  Cost

Different products have different prices, depending on the brand and other things like quality and the production cost.


Just like the foundation of your home, the roof is crucial too. It plays an important part in offering security to the occupants and other valuables against weather and outside intrusions. Therefore, you should get the best roofing services in your area to make sure everything is in placed.

For this reason, your structure’s security and functionality largely depend on your choice of quality roofing material vis-a-vis the cost and other factors mentioned.

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