Taking Care of the Kitchen Sink

The kitchen is the engine room of the home – if something goes wrong in the kitchen it can have a huge detrimental impact on the home – most of us know this, as we have all experienced an appliance breaking down and causing all sorts of issues whilst we wait for someone to come and repair it, or if it is seriously damaged a new replacement!

Something else that is a hugely important part of the kitchen but is often overlooked, is the kitchen sink. Looking after the sink in your kitchen is essential, as this is where the washing up is done as well as hands are washed before cooking. In the past couple of years, with so much talk about cleaning and washing your hands, you have probably seen more of your kitchen sink than ever before!

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To make sure that your kitchen sink is providing you with all the essential services you need, it is important to look after it. To make sure that your sink is working its best, here are some things that you can do…

Clean it Regularly – Getting into a regular routine of sink cleaning will help to stop bacteria and dirt from building up around the sink and causing health issues. Get into the cracks and edges in particular such as around the taps and plugholes where dirt and bacteria can build up. You don’t have to use anything expensive or even particularly harsh for this, soap and water can remove most germs when you are doing this regularly.

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Don’t Have a Full Sink – Lots of us like to place out dirty cups, dishes and baking things into the sink – then leave them there to soak. Although this can make cleaning easier, having piles of things in the kitchen sink can not only cause damage to the crockery in there, but it can also lead to bacteria from food building up in and around the sink area. Fill a bowl with warm soapy water and out it away from the sink and this will keep the sink clear.


Watch what you are Putting down the Plughole – If you are rinsing plates into the sink, food debris is likely to go down the plughole. When this builds up not only does it smell bad but it can also cause serious blockages, and in this instance you will likely need to get a professional like this drain lining company https://www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/news/drain-lining-no-dig-repair/ to come and sort it out for you. You should also avoid putting fats and oils down the sink as this causes blockages in the sewers.

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