Are you decorating your home for St Patrick’s Day?

There’s a fine line between classy and trashy when decorating for St Patrick’s Day! Your home might end up looking more like a kid’s party than a tastefully decorated home with all those bold colours and leprechauns. Here are some ideas that are fast and basic.

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Banners may be tall, loud, and tacky, but that doesn’t mean you have to absolutely stop hanging them. There are some very cool, tiny designs that can be less distracting than decor, such as flags and bunting. Why not place some decorations around the st patricks day gifts that you have bought for your family. You can find some great gift options from places like Why not have some gifts sent to the family and friends that you might not be able to meet up with in person this year and skype or zoom call them on the day to celebrate together from a distance.

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Candles are one of the easiest concepts of decoration that can be used depending on the season as permanent decorations and swapped out for various seasonal colours. Thick, green pillar candles can offer a burst of bold colour to any table, shelf or mantel, and green pillar candles can be added for a splash of vivid elegance to any dining table centrepiece.

Table decorations are a great addition to any celebration and you can incorporate them with the food that you are going to be serving and perhaps place some of the green candles that we have mentioned above alongside them as well.

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