A Close Look at the Most Popular Styles of Windows in the UK

There is no doubt that windows are a critical feature of a home, and it’s one of the most important elements. With proper windows, you will have protection from the outdoors, and you can have a better security as well. In the UK, window styles can range from classic to modern, but the classic style predominates many UK properties, particularly older or historic buildings. For instance, sash and casement windows have been around for decades, even centuries, but they still haven’t gone out of style. In addition to this, both bay and bow windows are also popular choices. But there are also modern alternatives, such as tilt and turn windows, which are known for their versatility and practicality. To learn more about it, here’s a close look at the most popular styles of windows in the UK.

  1. Casement windows

Casement windows are arguably the most popular style of window there is, primarily because their appeal is universal. With casement windows, you can get both the slim profile and narrow sightline, plus the advantage of a full glass pane – which means you can take full advantage of natural light. They are also quite customisable, and you can choose from different glazing options, accessories, hardware, and even colours. Casement windows have been the window of choice for generations, which is why older buildings have them – and most homeowners choose to restore them with help from metal window restoration experts.

  1. Sash windows

The second most popular window style in the UK is said to be sash windows, and it’s a popular style for a good reason. The sash window design sits flush with the window frame, and no elements protrude and cause obstruction. Sash windows can complement any home style, whether traditional or modern, and you can even augment it with features such as Astragal and Georgian bars for a more classic look or bright and bold designs for a modern appeal. You can even go for sliding sash windows, which open vertically.

You would be happy to know that most sash windows today come with modern improvements, such as better thermal efficiency and advanced security. This means you can have both the classic appeal of sash windows whilst not sacrificing security and performance.

  1. Tilt and turn windows

As mentioned, tilt and turn windows are more modern, and they are also popular and in demand for their versatility and high performance,  particularly regarding flexibility. For example, you can open tilt and turn windows several ways, and the entire design will remain locked in a centrally-located bar. This also means you can turn them inward and clean them easily. You can also turn them outwards to let more light and air into a room. Furthermore, it’s easy to turn the windows from the top, let out warm air, and turn them sideways to let the air go through.

  1. Bay and bow windows

Bay and bow windows are also quite popular because they are large and elegant, and their design is distinguished by multiple panels of glass set at an angle. Bay windows have sharper angles, whilst bow windows have more rounded edges. Both window types allow more room in your home because they extend the space outward, thus making the room look and feel more spacious and giving the viewer access to more stunning, majestic views.

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