Tips for Renovating the Attic

For most people, an attic is a place in the house where they can place old things they no longer use. It’s usually one of the rooms that’s out of the way but provides essential space for storage. Unfortunately, most homeowners neglect the attic as rarely will people see it, and they only visit it sporadically. However, the attic is still an essential part of the house and must also receive periodic maintenance and repairs.

Cleaning and renovating the attic can be a laborious task. Homeowners may undertake it on their own, or they may hire people to do it for them. Sorting through old things and picking which ones can still be stored and which ones need to be disposed of can be time-consuming. Ensuring that the attic is structurally sound may require specialised skills, so homeowners may need people with the necessary expertise and experience. Regardless, homeowners renovating the attic must hire adequately-sized skips to dispose of the debris and trash. In addition, they must work with reputable skip-hire companies to ensure terrific service. They can click here to find an industry leader to work with.

Here are some tips for renovating the attic.

Go by the code

Have the contractor ensure that the attic follows the building code. While the code varies from place to place, it does seek to ensure that the space is structurally safe and sound. Add square footage as necessary to ensure that the space follows the relevant code.

Don’t forget the insulation

Typically, the insulation layer is neglected and not replaced periodically. However, homeowners must look into the stability of the insulating material because heat loss and gain depend on the quality of insulation installed. If there’s a need to replace existing insulation material with spray foam insulation, it’s worth the investment. It will not only protect the space but will also help keep heating and cooling costs low.

Install ventilation 

One of the things that homeowners forget when it comes to the attic is installing adequate ventilation equipment. If there’s enough budget, install a separate air conditioning unit to control the ambient temperature and humidity level. If a ceiling fan or a roof ventilation system is more proper, install them to make the attic as functional as possible.

Maximise natural lighting

Among the advantages of an attic is the option to maximise natural lighting. Consider installing skylights, dormers or gable windows depending on the layout of the attic. These features will help keep the attic more appealing and adequately illuminated during the day. It will also provide an incredible ambience at night.

Consider the access point

Another way to improve the attic layout is the access point. Homeowners can consider a hideaway ladder or use an existing closet to hide the doorway to the attic. They also have the option to build a regular staircase and use the space underneath it as storage. An external staircase will also be viable if the building code allows it.


Renovating the attic can be a challenging and labour-intensive task. However, homeowners will benefit from ensuring the space is as functional as possible.

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