The Influence of San Diego Construction Companies In The Community

San Diego is the eighth-most populous city in the United States of America is the site where the first European settlements in the Western United States were founded in the year 1769. Construction has been a part of San Diego’s history starting from the arrival of San Diego Presidio and the San Diego Mission.

The settlement was able to survive from early attacks by constructing a fort, making it the first settlement by Europeans in the State of California. Later on took on other works on construction on the area for commerce, livelihood, and as residences. Today San Diego is a sprawling city of skyscrapers, buildings, and other infrastructure.

Importance of Construction 

Just like what happened in the establishment and continuance of the settlement of San Diego, construction has been an integral part of human history since the first shelters were built by hand and using only simple tools.

There is almost no part of our lives that construction has not had a profound effect on, from the homes we spend our days off to the space we do our work, construction has had an important impact in our life.

The effect of construction does not restrict itself to the physical spaces that we occupy and see but it also has the effect of bringing people together through infrastructure, reminds us of our history and the growth of the economy. Click here for more information on construction and its history.

A construction company is a type of business or enterprise created for the primary purpose of constructing an array of buildings, properties, facilities, homes, roads, and most other types of construction projects that you can imagine. Because of the wide array of services various construction companies undertake there are several well-known types of construction companies.

Impact of Construction and the Construction Industry 

Construction has had a profound effect on numerous cultures and the development of society. Some of the greatest and most beautiful structures ever built can still be seen today and are a testament to the craftsmanship of old.

A great example is the Colosseum in Rome in Italy. The Colosseum was constructed in 72 AD and was completed in 80 AD and is said to have had the capacity of 80,000 spectators as it was used in games in ancient Rome like gladiatorial contests and even recreated sea battles! This link: contains more information on the Colosseum including its construction and history.

If you thought the Colosseum was old it has nothing against another wonder of ancient construction and architecture, the Great Pyramid of Giza, it estimated that it was built during the 26th century BC for a long period of around 27 years. It was the tallest man-made structure for around 3,800 years and is a constant reminder of human ingenuity and skill.

In modern times the construction industry is not only a constant reminder of advances in society, technology, and techniques but also a sign of economic growth and itself has a great impact on the economy.

The construction industry greatly contributes to the economy by having generating output, income, and employment for a large number of people. It also goes hand in hand with most government efforts of extending basic services such as healthcare in the form of public and government hospitals, roads, bridges, ports, and other infrastructure. It is also used as an indicator of economic growth.

The construction industry also contributes to the economy by stimulating the production and profit of industries like those engaged in the production of construction materials such as brick, cement, and steel. These manufacturers also contribute in their way as they generate output, income, and employment whenever they are engaged by construction companies.

Types of Construction Companies 

Today, due to the various projects construction companies undertake and the ever-evolving techniques of construction, construction companies have taken on specialities of their craft and often work together to complete a specific project. Here are some common types of construction companies that are prevalent in the industry today. 

The first are general contractors. These construction companies are more often than not experts in either the construction of new buildings and alterations. These companies are responsible for the day-to-day inspection and management of the construction site and handle the communication between those working in the construction.

The general contractor is also generally responsible for providing the materials, manpower, and equipment to be used. Because of the general nature of the business of a general contractor, they often subcontract specialized contractors, to perform portions of the construction such as those engaged in roofing services and plumbing.

The second is civil engineering companies. These construction companies layout the design for the project and provide overall guidance to the construction company that will build the project. Civil engineering companies primarily deal with the layout, design, and construction of public works such as public roads, railroads, ports, parks, and water supply facilities.

The third is Real Estate Companies. This type of company typically is an owner and builder who builds and completes the project before selling to the targeted group. The targeted group may either be those looking for residential buildings, the real estate company develops an area for people to live in.

The real estate company may also target those looking for buildings for commercial purposes that can be used as a workspace as opposed to living quarters. Real estate companies engaged in commercial real estate business have a wide variety of projects from small office buildings to shopping centres and hotels.

The fourth is small renovation contractors. Small renovation contractors refer to those who usually provide planned renovations and in general work on projects requiring small amounts of capital, labour, and time and do not require a complex organization.

As the name suggests these companies primarily plan renovations to buildings, offices, residential buildings, and other construction projects. Because of the fact that this type of construction company works on small construction projects mainly on renovation, it provides employment opportunities to semi-skilled or even unskilled manpower.

Last on the list are turnkey builders. These types of companies often undertake both the design and construction of the building or other infrastructure. These companies are also capable or can show any prospective client prototypes of previously constructed buildings that are similar to the proposed construction.

Because of the wide range of services undertaken by turnkey builders, they usually employ a wide array of employees and staff like architects, construction personnel, and engineers however this does not mean they never subcontract the design and layout of the building to architects and engineers who are not in their employ.

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