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The prefabricated houses have become the new modality to acquire an elegant, spacious and; most important of all, at a very affordable price. But, although there is the clear popularity of rising among consumers. At the level of acceptance by banks and real estate agencies, there is still some fear. However, this fear or doubt is only observed in prefabricated houses with less resistant materials. This is not the case for prefabricated concrete houses.

If you are looking for a housing alternative that allows you to enter the real estate market on a long or short term basis; Then you need to invest your investment towards the market of prefabricated concrete houses. Today here, we bring you excellent models that will help you choose; we will talk about its advantages, disadvantages and, in summary; We will give you all the necessary information so that you can buy the house of your dreams.

Why does the real estate market prefer prefabricated concrete houses?

The great obstacle that the owners of the prefabricated houses have had to face is; the real estate market. The mortgage application can be somewhat cumbersome if, in the country where you live or the bank you go to; They have not gotten soaked with the theme of prefabricated houses.

Design no 1

However, prefabricated concrete houses do not have to endure this kind of “discrimination.” New technologies regarding concrete and its implementation in the construction of one and two-story houses. They have made their acceptance soar on all levels, including that of prefabricated concrete houses.

Although many people feel that concrete has shortcomings with wood when it comes to prefabricated houses due to aesthetic issues; with this article, we will show you how wrong they are; because the alternatives with the concrete are much wider when constructing this type of houses.

Especially for the positive impact, they have on the conservation of temperature. As the prefabricated concrete houses have shown that they consume up to 50% less heating in the winter season.

Denying the myth of prefabricated concrete houses

Design no 2

The main myth that revolves around prefabricated concrete houses is, for some strange reason; his inability to offer models that are not so “square.” It is true that many manufacturers, at the level of architecture; they choose to use prominent corners and aggressive forms. But this is done to project aggressiveness and self-protection; It is a way to keep people who observe the house with bad eyes or intentions away.

However, curved and soft shapes can be perfectly achieved with concrete. You can see it in this first model of the models of prefabricated houses that we will be studying in this article.

In this particular photograph, we can appreciate how the curved shapes have been transferred even to the house where the drainage system of the tool rests. The beige and blue colors. They have been the protagonists for this beautiful prefabricated concrete house.

All with the aim of achieving a truly welcoming atmosphere, both day and night; Well with the night sky and thanks to the large windows, you can have a perfectly romantic and natural lighting.

Prefabricated concrete house with more “traditional” design

Design no 3

If the steep curves are not really what you are looking for; but you want a discrete, economical prefabricated concrete house, but; that is equally beautiful. Then this one that we present to you is the right one for you!

As you can see, in this model the integration of a swimming pool into the landscape has also been taken into account.

Why is this like this? Well, one of the great advantages offered by prefabricated houses, allowing us to save both materials and labor; is that we can use that money for other aspects, such as space.

With larger land, the possibilities for expansion and landscaping are much broader; hence, most people who decide to invest their capital in a prefabricated house; can afford to have a dream pool.

That yes, this time we are before a home that, without neglecting the use of natural light; It gives privacy a high priority. The same thing you could do, look at the thickness of the walls, it is indisputably an immutable and lasting property!

Denying another myth of prefabricated houses

Design no 4

“A prefabricated house cannot be built on an irregular terrain” that has been another of the myths that have grown around the prefabricated houses of concrete, wood and; any other type of material. However, it is that a myth that turns out to be a lie; and you can see the test before your eyes.

When dealing with modular homes that are built according to the needs and preferences of the clients; It is illogical to think that, with the new technologies, they could not be easily adapted to irregular terrain.

Whether in steep spaces such as hills or mountains; the prefabricated cues can be installed, always with a previous inspection of the land.

But forget about investing a large capital in adapting the terrain No cumbersome work with flatters is necessary; you should not invest a large sum of money in cement or any other material for a base.

The traders of prefabricated houses are responsible for installing the best foundations for the land on which you will build your house. Hence, you can get results as beautiful as the one we show you in this photograph.

Not only is she lying on a hill slope with a view of the mountain; but it breaks the scheme of a flat roof, using one in the tip to be in harmony with the rest of natural peaks around.

A warm and natural facade

Design no 5

It is true that the color of concrete may not be the most attractive for the exterior of your home, but that should not prevent you from investing in this type of housing.

The project of a prefabricated house always goes hand in hand with the vision of who will be the owner of that house and an expert architect in the matter. Interior / exterior designers; we always think of an aesthetic that is functional at the same time.

Hence, prefabricated concrete houses; They can be of different colors in a natural way using earth with special pigments.

A clear example of what we say is the housing of the superior photo. In an intercalated combination of concrete slabs and grass, the owner of this house wanted to highlight the fusion of nature with the technological advance of man.

Hence, earth colors were chosen for the walls of the prefabricated house and; that the sliding blinds look similar to a dark wood bamboo.

The prefabricated house where privacy is the priority

Design no 6

Another great myth of prefabricated houses is that, to save on resources. Many open spaces are used, which, in the end, can compromise the privacy of the inhabitants in the most urban areas.

Again, we are facing a lie; security and privacy are aspects that have been taken care of at an architectural level in all prefabricated houses; from the day the idea was born.

Take advantage of all natural lighting, obtain artistic forms thanks to the shadows of the structure; none of that has value if people feel spied on or insecure in their home.

Therefore, if what you are looking for is an inexpensive prefabricated house alternative, but at the same time it is an impugnable fortress; then the style of housing that we show you in the photograph above may be just what you need.

Thanks to a very creative distribution of the garage walls and those that support the terrace; the eyes of passers-by cannot even see the door of the main entrance. It can be accessed through hidden stairs behind the height of the planter.

You could never use that door; since you can access at all times only and exclusively through the garage door within the safety of your car.

House model more open and relaxed

Design no 7

If a “strength of loneliness” is not your vision of a house; but you want a home where the light penetrates, and with a beautiful patio where children can play, then this model may be more successful for you.

3 main aspects were the inspiration for this prefabricated concrete house:

  • It should look like a spacious, spacious and well-lit home
  • Despite the concrete, the earth colors should be the protagonists
  • The industrial style should be present too but to a lesser extent

With that in mind, we get a prefabricated house with large windows and, despite being concrete; It has an appearance that imitates wood perfectly.

As if that were not enough, and thanks to the versatility of the structure, the prefabricated houses, as well as the one that appears in this photograph; they easily accept a spiral staircase as part of the construction.

With a prefabricated house you will not only have the space to implement this type of not so common elements; but also, you will have the money to spare, in contrast to the available capital that you would have if you buy or build a traditional home.

The versatility of prefabricated concrete houses

Design no 8

Continuing with the previous idea, about the versatility of prefabricated concrete houses; and the prefabricated houses in general, we have this geometric construction.

The great advantages of this type of housing allow the merging of sections like never before imagined. This is because when buying a prefabricated house; We are shown several styles and types of sections.

Elongated, square, circular; etc. In this case, we can see how the owner of this house has chosen two completely equal sections, in a matter of square meters; so that they were the first floor of their home.

However, to give a person, creative and touch. It ended up being more than colorful. The upper floor is not symmetrical, it is a prefabricated section much larger than the bases, but it was located at the center of them.

This type of functional originality can only be achieved with prefabricated houses; due to the factories they build the large slabs separately, but all can be assembled without the problem.

The cost of a prefabricated house is so cheap. It compared to traditional homes. In this case, the person did not decide to buy a prefabricated house; but three sections of long squares, which were then connected as you can see in the photograph.

The classic white color is also possible

Design no 9

After having seen multiple options of prefabricated houses in concrete and where not only the color of this material is used to the maximum, but we also have several using the imitation of wood, we have the doubt of What other types of colors are seen well on a concrete house of this style?

Well, if you had doubts; the spotless white is not only an option but one of the most popular today. Especially there in countries where snow is seen at certain times of the year.

A clear example of prefabricated concrete houses that implement the color white as part of landscaping is the one in the top photo. To give it a warmer appearance exterior headlights of yellow light have been placed.

Also, much of the interior decoration of this house is oriented towards warm colors. Its large terrace and the use of white stones for the surroundings of the pool. Turn this prefabricated concrete design into a dream home.

Of course, without having the price of the equivalent of traditional construction; that would be the retirement home of some celebrity.

Another sign that white does work in the concrete of prefabricated houses

Design no 10

Unlike the previous house; You can see in this prefabricated house model how more spaces have been included in spending time with the family in different social areas.

Both on the ground floor, as on the terrace of the main bedroom; space is more than broad and is in perfect balance with the rest of the structure.

Another important detail is that, the concrete and the structure of this type of housing are so resistant; that the integral air compressors have been taken to the top, giving an industrial air to the house; but without neglecting at all times the homelike countenance.

With a large enough pool to enjoy and a concept-oriented mainly to white and take advantage of natural light through the large windows; this house is one of our favorites.

If social life is your thing, this model will look great

Design no 11

Social life can be more than an occasional thing in your life; If that is the case, then you need a spacious home that admits all family members together with friends.

This prefabricated house is a clear example of that type of housing and that you will not get in the traditional market. With the main rooms isolated from the social area; Both physically and acoustically, this model is built with great parties in mind, but in the safety of the home.

Also, it uses another of the elements that are equally simple to apply in the concrete walls of prefabricated houses: the paved finish.

Next, we want to delve deeper into that style of exterior aesthetics more thoroughly. Continue to see the gallery!

Paved walls that merge with nature

Design no 12

As you can see, thanks to the excellent work of photography; The large palm that is adjacent to this house greatly influences landscaping. For that reason, they needed to respect the earth colors, but that was not enough; It was also necessary to consider the textures.

With that in mind, the architect responsible for this project decided three things that completely changed the model:

Keep the industrial gray of the concrete in the upper part, as well as in several reinforcements of the structure. Add cobblestone to the lower walls; which are the ones that were in most contact with the texture of the palm. Add an exit to the green areas of a natural color; so the other garage door has a unique personality and almost detached from the home. All these elements were and are possible; thanks to the versatility that prefabricated houses offer us.

Continuing with the models of prefabricated houses that combine styles of textures; Here we bring you this particular one that we love. And, who does not like a home with a fireplace? But many of us forget how it can be seen from the outside.

In this prefabricated house; That aspect of housing identity has been exploited to the maximum both internally and externally. The combination of wood, large windows, and the stone tower; they not only give it an aesthetically beautiful appearance, but also solid, firm.

Not everyone can say they have a towering chimney in their home; but if you wanted one, you know what housing alternative you should look for.

A home anywhere

Design no 13

Here we present one of the biggest advantages of prefabricated houses. Simplicity anywhere, but with enormous potential to become more.

When you have a tight budget, but do not want to give up the house of your dreams. The option of prefabricated concrete houses is your best alternative.

They can be lifted on any terrain and, with two sections that you buy; You will have the most aesthetic and solid foundations for a home that your budget can give you.

Hence, a prefabricated house is for life. You do not need to move to get more space, the only reason to carry out a move is to change the neighborhood.

From the simple, we turn to the extravagant

Design no 14

How big and innovative can the structure of a prefabricated concrete house be? Well, here we present one of the possible answers.

With an architectural style reminiscent of the Hotel Burj Al Arab. The house combines the most outstanding aspects of all prefabricated houses: versatility, modernism. It is a construction so easy. Its economic price only surpasses it. When compared to a traditional housing project that looks the same.

When the budget is not a problem; The best way to take advantage of it is not in an apartment inside the big city or in a house that has already been inhabited. Design your own home, in conjunction with an architect; It is the most effective way to take advantage of your budget.

A prefabricated concrete house that does not look like it

Design no 15

It is not the large windows or the stone cladding on the walls that makes this concrete house completely different. The key is in your roof.

Many people associate the roof of concrete houses with the completely square and flat shape. But; This is because people want it. When they have plans to expand in the long term; The best way to have a good base for the upper floors is to leave the roof flat.

But if it is not your case and, you will make the extensions towards the width of the land or; you will not do them because you already have the house of your dreams in mind. A pointed roof is the best option to take.

This is how a prefabricated concrete house looks like

Design no 16

If you had wondered what a house of these would look like, in that land far from everything and everyone; Well here we show you.

These three models of prefabricated houses were built in the middle of nowhere; and it is thanks to its versatility mainly, that this was possible.

As you can see, its large windows and distribution of environments are only possible thanks to its construction. Either with or without a pool; the exterior of these three models of prefabricated houses has been perfectly worked at the level of landscaping, and that is where the difference between a house and a home stands out.

In how it makes you feel from the first moment that the time in the distance. And to complete the models of prefabricated concrete houses that we promised, what do you say if we see them inside? Maybe studying so many facades, architectural structures, and landscaping; It is not enough for you.

Polished concrete offers one of the textures and one of the warmest colors on the market; when you want to get a cozy look at home.

Its perfect integration to wood tones, as you can see in this photograph; it gives us the possibility of creating a home-like environment and that,, they do not feel different from those that are achieved in traditional homes.

In this triad of photographs, you can perfectly appreciate the integration of other colors and elements. The same cobbled texture from the outside; It can easily be taken to the internet columns of the apartment. While the stairs used at the entrance, they can also be the same used inside; all this to preserve harmony.

Design no 1 Design no 17

And in this last picture, you can appreciate how what looks outside like a simple cube; inside it can be converted into several environments that take advantage of so much space.

The addition of LED lights in the sky of wooden boards. It shows us how easy it is to merge the modern with the classic within these homes. And remember! The concrete floor can be dressed with slabs, carpets, and floating floors. But we wanted to show you these models in their most natural state, integrating other styles, but without renouncing their identity.

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