Looking Online And Finding The Perfect Artificial Plant For Your Home

You have just revamped the office workspaces and senior partner offices, coffee table books are perfectly laid out, the accessories have been well chosen – if you do say so yourself- and you have brought it all together with a vast variety of artificial plants and foliage.

The great thing is you have invested well into choosing quality plants rather than mass order of cheaper, synthetic looking greenery and it has paid off!

Positive comments and pats on the back are being given for a great overhaul, and you feel quite chuffed with yourself that the hours spent researching plants ,where and with who to order (when you could have been sleeping) have all been worth it.

Where to find your greenery.

If you type ‘artificial plants’ into a search engine there will hundreds of results popping out, each heading claiming to have the best of offers, and trying everything to entice you to their site.

To be fair, there are genuine companies out there who do produce and manufacture top quality products .The only issue is we have limited time in the day and we just have the time to sift through all the search results and browse each suggested page.

Thankfully, you were blessed with not having to go through too much trauma before landing on the perfect fit.

Companies such as the Artificial Plant Shop have all you could imagine in terms of plants, trees, and flowers, and with a range of options available regarding full-grown trees to simplistically elegant potted shrubbery. There is something for everyone.

Whether it be for an office, a reception area, or a lobby or for home décor, getting a quality product would not only benefit you with owning close-to-real plants, but would also eliminate the hassle of water the plants and pruning maintenance which make it a win-win situation for all occasions.

There are more important things in life to worry about than running around after dying plants and trying to revive them every few months. Artificial plants allow you to rearrange your aesthetics as you see fit, or with the changing seasons and events taking place, you have the luxury to go all out with all of them.

 What makes a good quality faux flower?

Essentially it comes down to the material used, a good quality silk that’s been shaped and styled into a realistically looking flower can fool even the most experienced of flower growers, or at least have them giving it a second look to be sure.

Other materials such as plastic or foam too have their advantages but if not intricately made with care, they can start to look chunky and thick. You also want them to have some movement if there was a breeze as normal arrangements would. A stiff as a stick bouquet may be more detrimental than a few top of the line individual flowers.

Always try to shop less, but shop well (as the old saying goes), style never goes out of fashion, and if you hit the right note with those few key flower choices, you have a good foundation from the get-go.

You can add to the collection as new varieties are designed and hand-made, and before you know it you could have a large shelving unit full of options to shop from in the comfort of your home or work environment.

While you may not have to constantly change water vases or trim dead leaves and flowers as becomes the norm with living things, but keeping them clean from dust is a key element to keeping up with the ‘real but not real’ look. See some handy tips from this page https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-clean-artificial-plants-36714699  on how to keep them looking like they’ve just been store-bought.

Types to buy.

There is such a large amount of varieties available and the choices can feel overwhelming, knowing which flower is going to look good or will the plant fit can be daunting. To begin it is best if you write down your likes and dislikes, define your style and aesthetic, and build from there.

A good piece of advice I was once told when beginning our artificial plant chapter was to look for plants that have leaves and flowers that essentially ‘already’ look non-real. They have thick, waxy coatings and a certain sheen to them, thus with the ‘fake’ flowers they too give of a bit of shine, and at first or even second glance you wouldn’t be able to tell straight away.

Try to work with space you have, if it’s a large area decide if a couple of robust trees will suffice with the odd finesse thrown in for balance, or would you rather prefer a wall of luxury that looks like a wedding backdrop in your living room.

 Why opt for non-real?

When you have a home filled with pets, children, and family coming and going as they please, it can get busy. Schedules seem to be filled up before the weeks ended, and small necessities like removing browning leaves or dead flowers from all the vases and pots around the house suddenly don’t seem as important as having dinner on the table by the time hubby gets home.

The plants and trees of today are more sophisticated and genuine looking, they add a touch of ‘bespoke’ to a room, a softness to make the area feel homey, and can be left unattended for years, what’s not love?

A gentleman who had the same thoughts, you can read a great article from him here, has changed the way he lives his life. Stress-free, financially not pumping money into new foliage each season or every few months, and he simply tucks them away when he purchases something new for the next time he fancies changing up the scenery.

A simple touch of greenery, albeit artificial, can set the mood for the room. Which mood will you be in this season?

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