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If you find your home infested with mold, you may probably ask yourself two questions. The first one is whether you should pay for an expensive test kit, and the second is if you will need a professional to remove them.

Testing kits make most experts squirm. Some companies may not tell you about this for years because of fiction and misinformation that dominates the industry. However, the reality is that some testing kits are a waste of time, money, and energy. Those are completely unnecessary because when you see a visible mold, you won’t have to test it. You need to remove it almost immediately.

Consumers may call the experts and other companies when they see visible mold and decide right away that they have to do something about it. Regardless of the fungi’s characteristics or whether it’s harmful to human health, any signs of mildew or fungi in your home should be eradicated right away.

Some companies that inspect the fungi don’t usually tell their clients outright that test kits are unnecessary. Just a few of them are truthful and worth commending, but others may take advantage of the situation. Spending an extra $400 to $1000 for inspection and kits are not worth it. It’s best to call a trustworthy Precision Mold Removal Philadelphia company that is experts in these kinds of fields, so you won’t have to spend extra. They will do the job right away and find ways to prevent molds from coming back.

About the Black Mold

You may think about the kind of mold you’re dealing with inside your home to ensure that it’s not toxic. The thing is, you don’t have to determine it since the term “black mold” is often misunderstood and misused. The truth is that many people are not negatively affected by mold, but some are sensitive to it.

Black mold is a type of Stachybotrys that is thought to be dangerous to one’s health. They are usually common in basements, attics, kitchens, and bathrooms. In these cases where allergic reactions and other health complications can happen, it will certainly make one’s life more miserable.

If you ask whether black mold is dangerous or not, the answer is “it can be.” However, the majority of people should not panic about these kinds of situations. Only a tiny percentage of people are allergic to them, and this often comes after prolonged and severe exposure to these fungi. The thing about these spores is that they contain mycotoxins that set off many allergic reactions to people. Know more about mycotoxins on this page here.

Almost all fungi produce these mycotoxins, but they are not scientifically proven to cause significant health problems like cancer. When extra sensitive to the spores, they can cause headaches, troubled breathing, stuffy head, and itchy eyes. These ailments are usually worse in younger people, but black mold is unproven to cause any other medical symptoms except those mentioned. What you need is a mantra that says, “no mold, regardless of its color, should belong in a healthy family home.”

The thing is, you don’t have to know whether it’s black or gray mildew. As long as you notice that they begin to increase in your home, it’s best to get that bleach and start scrubbing them off. The type and color do not matter because when you see that they are beginning to become visible regardless of their species, you need to remove them with the help of professionals.

What the EPA Says

The Environmental Protection Agency is saying that testing is unnecessary. Still, they are also telling people that there are no current guidelines at the federal level to determine the number of spores that are dangerous or safe. This is information that many homeowners don’t know, and companies don’t care to reveal. You can get more info about the EPA and molds in this link here:

There are no federally approved guidelines that say more information about what’s safe or not. However, EPA has also indicated where the testing is beneficial in specific circumstances. Here are some of them. If you see them, remove them immediately from your home without any testing kits involved.

  • When you see that there’s no visible mildew but a musty smell there, thorough testing can usually help. They will reveal the location of the spores and whether they are at an elevated level.
  • There have been water issues or plumbing leaks, and you suspect that the spores exist behind the walls or in the air.
  • The Post Clearance Tests make sure that the previous issues have been entirely resolved and the counts in the environment have returned to normal.
  • In some health issues, a doctor may not pinpoint the cause of a patient’s symptoms. However, these symptoms may include headaches, sneezing, and coughing. In these situations, an inspection may help confirm the patient or doctor’s suspicion about mold allergies and presence inside the home.
  • The inspections are helpful in real estate to protect both the sellers and buyers.
  • There’s a dispute involving tenants and landlords regarding mildew.
  • Someone in the household thinks that they smell or see molds, but they are unsure.

Why Over the Counter Kits are Considered Rip-Offs?

  • Most of the DIY kits are often wrong or simply misleading because of sampling errors. It’s best to consult a professional for help.
  • The kits don’t have any visual inspection, which includes checking the crawl spaces, walls, attics, and basements, and these areas are really important. On the other hand, professional sampling is comprehensive, and they can detect the problem right away.
  • It’s worth knowing that mildew is everywhere, and all homes have small amounts of them. When you take a petri dish home, it may not be particularly useful as what it would detect may not even be a home mold.
  • If you suspect an issue, but you are unsure, the kits won’t tell you the source and will not let you determine how serious your situation is. It’s important to remember a single rule that when you see any kinds and colors of molds, you need to contact a professional to remove them, especially if you have an older house.
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