Factors to Consider Before Installing Solar Panel

Solar light system installation is a project that requires thorough planning and consideration. Purchasing a solar panel might be difficult due to the numerous brands available, but it is a valuable decision.

We recommend having a good budget with accurate calculations. Also, get to understand everything about the unit and its specifics. Those days are gone where people only considered the price of an item before purchasing it.

A modern-day shopper will also consider consumer standards like quality, efficiency, credibility among others. If you’re planning on having this system in your home, here’s a list of a few more factors to consider before you install your solar panel.

  • Location

Solar panels are powered mainly by direct sunlight. As such, you need to ensure your area receives sufficient sunlight before you install them.

Tall buildings and trees create shadows that could seriously obscure the solar units from sun exposure. when a shadow is cast upon these units, some units end up shutting down immediately while others reduce their output.

People who live in snowy and mountain regions which lack sufficient sunlight may not be lucky as well. Keep in mind that, the longer the duration of exposure to direct sunlight the better the yields.

  • Cost range

Cost is very important when shopping for the right item. You want something that is efficient but within your budget. Technology advancement has led to an increase in the production of these panels in the market at different prices. There is also a difference between leasing and buying solar panels which influences the total cost.

Thereby, making it challenging to get a good product that is not overpriced. While installing a solar unit requires time and money, you need to determine the entire bot the purchasing and installation cost. This should include the transportation cost and that of hiring a professional.

  • Choose the right company

As mentioned, there are so many brands out there, meaning you can get these units almost anywhere. However, it is important to consider where you purchase your products if you want quality.

We recommend sourcing them from a reputable and well-known seller. Also choose a company that can provide quality installation services and checks out if they are bonded and licensed, with no major complaints.

The right company will also offer solid warranties of about 10 years on the item. Their customer service should also be top-notch as this could mean they care much about their customers.

  • Permits

Solar panels can help cut costs and protect the environment. As such, you may be wondering why acquiring a building permit is necessary.

A building permit helps the authority keep track of the solar installation process and ensure you are meeting the appropriate electrical codes. You also need to know that, every state has its own rules and regulations when it comes to solar panels installation.

That’s said, make sure you have all the necessary permissions from the relevant authorities before you install the unit. Read more here https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/small-biz/productline/power-generation/solar-panel-operation-and-maintenance-popular-packages-processes-services-and-cost-involved/articleshow/69217314.cms?from=mdr

  • Project length

The solar installation process requires sufficient time and effort. It can take you months to complete the project depending on the number of panels you want to install.

If you lead a very hectic life, consider hiring someone to monitor the installation process on your behalf. Alternatively, choose a unit with a minimal installation process.

The installation company you opt for will give you a contract inclusive of all the installation details. Check and understand what the contract says about the length of the installation.

  • Roof type

While most roofs support solar panels installation, some may require more effort and cost t. The most commonly used roof type includes clay tiles, concrete, slate tiles, and asphalt shingles to name a few.

Asphalt roofs are stronger and easier to drill materials through them without cracking. Clay tiles on the other hand are quite pleasant to the eye but quite brittle.

This means they can easily break and you may require extra effort to install a solar unit on them. Also, Other roof materials like Spanish tiles and wood shingles may not support the system at all.

  • Efficiency

Different panels offer different power efficiency depending on their quality. Efficiency is the rate at which the unit converts sunlight to electricity. Having a high-efficiency unit prevents you from purchasing so many panels. On the other hand, if you live in an arid area with enough sunlight exposure, you’re most likely to experience higher output. This also means you may need fewer panels than someone staying in a cooler place.

  • Provider maintenance

Just like any other outdoor unit, the solar panel requires frequent maintenance to eliminate dirt buildup. Similarly, the unit’s parts wear out over time, so you will need to replace them.

Most companies will offer free annual maintenance services as part of their package deal. Make sure the company you opt for includes this in their offer.

Giving your unit proper care and maintenance can help increase its lifespan. Click here to read more.


As the demand for green energy rises, more people are switching to renewable energy. In fact, big companies like Apple run their business on 100% renewable energy. Green energy has proven efficient for all your residential, industrial, domestic, heating, and lighting needs. There is a need to take the whole installation process seriously as it might save you money in the long run. However, choosing the right unit for your home can be so challenging. To make the search easier, do extensive research and find out which solar system suits your home needs.

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