When you might need professional carpet cleaning

Our carpets take a good deal of abuse, from the dirt and grime that we track in from outside to the dead skin cells that we all lose each day, the carpet beneath your feet takes a lot each day. Hoovering regularly can help to extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking clean but there are times when you might need the help of a Carpet Cleaning Leamington Spa such as Back 2 Basics and here are a few of those occasions.

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Red Wine and Beer: For various reasons, these two alcoholic beverages are among some of the worst things to spill on your carpet. Wine is bright in colour, much like red grape juice, and it is the tannins and other properties in the wine that contain this colour that are the greatest enemy of your carpets. The liquid penetrates the carpet and the impact of osmosis means the colour begins to seep into the fibres. Beer and Ale is almost colourless and leaves behind less of a stain and is mopped up very quickly. But the scent is what lingers when beer is split on a carpet. You can find that the scent is still present even after cleaning your carpet by hand. This is why it’s a smart idea to leave those stains to the experts.

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Nail Varnish: While it can make your nails look great, your carpet is no fashion mate. There are also homemade solutions that use the internet for how best to extract nail varnish from your carpet, which must demonstrate how likely this is to happen. Any successful carpet cleaning company, however, will inform you that one of the only tried and tested strategies to remove nail varnish that will not spread the spillage further or do further damage to your carpet is the application of steam to the area and it will not be cut by your bog-standard carpet cleaner.

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