How to make your garden look nice with no money (Amazing ideas)

Do you want to know how to make your garden look nice with no money? Enjoying a beautiful garden does not have to cost a lot of money! An attractive garden lifts our spirits and gives us something to occupy ourselves in our free time that later makes us feel proud and productive. But like any other hobby, in general, it requires a good investment of money.

How to make your garden look nice with no money?

how to make your garden look nice with no money

Unless you know these gardening tips that will allow you to have a beautiful garden almost without spending money!

1. Investigate

Before starting to design the garden or buy gardening items, the first thing that should be done is to investigate. Find out what kind of soil there is in your area, what plants grow best, what care they need. In most nurseries, they will give you this free advice, which can save you from making costly mistakes. You can also check books, magazines and gardening sites.

2. Walk several nurseries and stores

When buying plants, fertilizer and gardening tools, visit several nurseries, as they can differ drastically in price and quality. And do not forget to look for nurseries and online gardening stores, where you can find good deals.

3. Avoid impulse purchases

To avoid impulse purchases, make sure you have a suitable place for a plant before buying it, and that you know the care it requires. Otherwise, it may wither and you will end up throwing your money away.

4. Learn to reuse

Not always the new is better. Search your home for things that can be used to start and that you can reuse, such as old pots, containers and plastic bottles that you can adapt to the garden. You can also find what you need for your garden at street fairs and garage sales.

5. Get rid of weeds

Remember that weeds compete with your plants for water and nutrients. If you feed your plants without getting rid of the weeds, you will be spending money to feed them.

6. Make your own compost

Take advantage of the waste you can find in your own home, such as vegetable waste, to make your own compost. They also serve lawn pruning, coffee wells and cardboard (such as kitchen rolls and toilet paper).

7. Choose native plants

If you choose to plant species that grow naturally in your area, you will avoid costs such as extra irrigation, winter care and having to improve the soil.

Extra ideas that have low cost

smart gardening in home

Simple things like gravel, stones, pallets or simple worn glass can make the difference to beautify your garden with the low budget, but with a very elegant touch and worthy of recognition. Take note, they are great ideas!

1. Well for bonfires

Place large pieces of stone in a circle, once made armed fill it with sand. At the end, you can decorate the stones with more stones or crystals with their own design. Now, to organize the first evening in your garden.

2. Mark trails in your garden

With stones that overlap in your garden or with those you find somewhere in nature, you can mark trails that lead to different parts of the house. When you have done it you can give a touch painting the stones with spray. This will give them a unique touch.

3. Mobiles for your garden

If you live on the beach or if you have ever visited it, then surely you have encountered enough pieces of glass polished by the force of water and the sea. Collect the amount and colors you see suitable for your garden, once you have imagined your mobile, join each piece of glass with the small thread of transparent hemp and claw it on some piece of wood or trunk available and be ready to hang somewhere in your home.

4. Make cement stones

You can create your own cement stones. As the image shows, you can build your own matrix to assemble motives as you want.

5. Garden table

Do you have a garden table that is rusty and lifeless? Or has it just bored you at home? Do not worry. Use the same technique as mobile phones, only this time you will place the glasses with a bit of plaster on the table and it will be impressive. See how to prepare the plaster in a simple way here.

6. Concrete blocks

Use them to build different ecological walls and low budget vertical gardens. Apart from that you generate a wonderful view and your garden will look super, you will have your vegetable crops like carrots or tomatoes. Depending on what vegetable you want to grow at home.

7. Make stepped structures

With a little more economic resources, buy gravel and a few boards, depending on the surface to be made. Buy some sand Spread the sand over the place where you will perform the steps and then place the gravel. The sand will give stability and prevent rocks from slipping; with the boards makes the mark of the steps. Once finished this you can place your pots and favorite plants in this area.

8. Paths with pallets

It’s just a matter of removing the nails from the timbers and placing them on the surface that requires it. To give it a more homelike touch, you can include some green plants and rocks around it.

9. A garden furniture

Furniture made of pallets with old structures of other furniture, ideal for the garden. Also with pallets, you can give a unique touch and assemble your furniture, where you will place those things you need for the garden.

10. A pallet chair

Furniture made in pallet base decorated with cushions spells and recycled from other generations

Here you can recycle your pillows and old pillows, or you can even make it with fabrics or covers that you no longer want inside your home and put together something like the image shows you.

11. Grating for your garden

Do you want to divide segments of your garden? It resorts to the pallets, they are cheap and there are lots of them in supermarkets.

12. Hanging bottles

Try hanging planters reusing bottles of red wine to give a vintage touch. Use the bottles of your parties to make pots with a lot of styles, this way a little rope, some bottles, plants and it will be all you need.

13. These pots

Rockers made with suitcases and old baskets and reusable for the garden of some place where you want a vintage style. Make your baskets, suitcases, and everything that can work as containers a pot. They will give your garden a lot of style and elegance. It will also be the focus of attention for all your neighbors and walkers.

14. A stepped planter

Versatile rocker based on pallets and plants of different species. Use the pallets to assemble this practical pot full of life. The diversity of the plants in this experiment is important to give a different touch to any garden.

Do you know more garden tricks for a beautiful garden without spending money?

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