How to Keep Your Plumbing Tools Work Longer

Are you eager to go back home after a long day’s work? Or are you already running behind your schedule, and your day has just started? All these might seem familiar to you if you are in a trade like plumbing. It requires many other things to be taken care of, like the maintenance of your tools. When you face such scenarios, you tend to overlook their maintenance, and thus, your equipment becomes ineffective in no time. Taking good care of them is crucial for their safe use as well as their longevity. Proper maintenance can increase their efficiency and also make them easy to use and control. Some frequently asked questions have been answered for you to help you keep your tools in good form.

How to keep your tools working longer? Some basic tips

Reading the manual before using any new equipment is of prime importance. The manual will guide you to its best use practices. Understanding the work process of a tool and also knowing what should be done if it doesn’t perform at all can increase the longevity of the tool. Wiping the tools after every use and lubricating them at regular intervals will also aid in giving them a long life.

How often should you inspect the tools for maintenance?

It is advisable to follow the manual rules for such purposes. But as a good plumber, you must make it a habit to inspect your tools before you start working with them each time. Members of all the nationwide plumbing services immensely give importance to the maintenance factor. One should always be aware of any wear, tear, chips, or dings that could hamper the plumbing operation anytime. Routine maintenance can prevent such problems.

Maintenances that are overlooked for some categories of plumbing tools

  • Hand tools 

Keep your hand tools clean. They should be free of any grit. You need to lubricate them at regular intervals.

  • Cables

Cable couplings should be kept lubricated to prevent drain cleaning tools from getting lost down the pipe.

  • Drum machines

Check whether the auto-feed is working accurately. The feed rollers and handle are expected to move freely and not bind.

  • Jetters

Jetter tips must be cleaned from time to time. Removing the tip and flushing the jetter hose will clean all the accumulated debris.

How can you decide whether you can handle the maintenance of the tools by yourself or you need to send them for repairs?

Users can quite well take care of lubricating the equipment by themselves. Even they can replace some of the worn parts of a tool like cutters, dies, etc. For the basic tool services, the information in the product manual is sufficient. But many new users may not be comfortable with doing things by themselves initially. In that case, it’s best to take the tools to an authorized repair center.

You must consult an expert in the concerned field if you notice damage has been caused to one of your pieces of machinery. To maintain the integrity of the product, you must take the advice of an authorized professional while dealing with issues not mentioned in the users’ manual.


So, try to follow these tips to give your plumbing tools a long life. We bet you won’t regret it.

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