Common Home Electrical Problems

Managing a home’s electrical wiring is no small task. From faulty switches to aging outlets, homeowners are faced with complex networks of wires and hazardous charges that must be safely maintained. While some of the issues can be repaired by a DIYer, others may be dangerous to tackle on your own. To help you determine the state of your home’s wiring, here are some common home electrical problems:

  1. Overloaded Outlets

When outlets and sockets become overloaded with adapters or other plug-in devices, it can lead to a poor connection and potentially electrical fires. A long-term solution is to replace the outlet with a new one that features tamper resistant outlets that prevent children from inserting items into them as well as adding additional outlets to avoid the use of power strips or extension leads.

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  1. Loose Outlets

Over time, a loose outlet can cause problems with electrical arcing and pose a fire hazard. A loose outlet can also allow metal prongs to fall out of the socket, posing a fire hazard if people or pets come into contact with them. This can be a simple fix by replacing the outlet with a new one that features secure prongs or a tamper resistant socket. When you need an Electrician Cheltenham, consider

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  1. Overheated Wiring

When wiring becomes hot, it’s an indication that the wiring isn’t properly insulated and may be exposed. If you notice a problem, such as a smell of burning, turn off power to the circuit at your breaker panel and have an electrician examine the wiring.

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