How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Forever With Trap and Natural Remedies

Getting rid of cockroaches can be a big problem, a challenge that requires perseverance, ingenuity, nerves under control and a stomach of steel. Roaches are extremely resistant insects, often one of the few survivors of deadly phenomena such as natural disasters and nuclear catastrophes, and they are also highly resistant to a wide variety of poisons. Pesticides are quite toxic and it is preferable to avoid them. So, we teach you how to get rid of cockroaches forever by making a trap and remedies.

How to get rid of cockroaches forever with a trap?

You can set up this roach removal trap by gluing strips of packing tape to the outside of a can or bottle so that there is a surface for them to climb on. You could also lay a napkin from the base where you put the container to the mouth, or put it next to a wall. To make the cockroach trap with a bottle you must follow these steps:

  1. Coat the inside of the bottle closest to the mouth with a slippery substance such as vegetable oil or petroleum jelly; thus the cockroaches that fall into the trap will not be able to escape.
  2. Place a small piece of bait in the bottom of the jar.
  3. Fill the pot halfway with liquid, such as sugar water or a soft drink, and as it is sweet it will attract them more and when they fall into the liquid they will drown.
  4. Once you have them trapped you can get rid of them more easily.

You can try this trap with a long neck bottle, as long as the design prevents cockroaches from getting out of it. You can cut the top of the bottle, so that it is in the shape of a funnel and place it upside down, so that it acts precisely as a funnel, inside the bottom of the bottle. This will allow you to get in easily, but it will be more difficult for them to get out of the container and they will drown first in the liquid that you put in the bottom of the bottle.

cockroaches trap

Home remedies for cockroaches

To finish teaching you the different ways to prepare homemade roach traps, we want to show you some of the most common products at home or that are easy to get that can serve as home remedies to scare away and eliminate roaches at home:

Boric acid for roaches

Boric acid is one of the cheapest and easiest products to eliminate roaches, since you can buy it in pharmacies and drugstores. It is a substance that must be used with care, avoid its consumption or that it touches the mucous membranes, and take special care with children, babies and pets.

To use boric acid as a homemade poison for roaches, you have to prepare a paste following these instructions:

  • Mix three teaspoons of boric acid powder with the same ratio of sugar and water.
  • Grease the inside of a deep jar.
  • Put the bait made with this paste into the container.
  • Place the trap in a place traveled by roaches.

When the cockroach falls into the bait made with this boric acid paste, it kills it by poisoning or by suffocation, depending on the dose, among other factors. With this home remedy, in a very short time you will have been able to eliminate roaches permanently.

Bicarbonate to eliminate roaches

Baking soda is a lethal substance for roaches. When you mix it with sugar they are attracted by the pleasant smell of this mixture and go to eat it. Make the mixture in equal parts of sugar and baking soda. Ingesting the mixture, the bicarbonate will cause a toxic reaction in your stomach that will kill the insect.

Finally, as it is always said, it is better to prevent than to cure and in this case it is the same and it is better to prevent them from appearing than to have to eliminate a plague of these insects.

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