Easy and Quick American Recipes for Home Cooks

A well-equipped kitchen stands as a testimony to your entertaining nature. It shows you like to invite people for a drink or meal. When you host a lunch or dinner, you want to make at least one or two dishes with your hand. It is particularly relevant for home chefs, who keep themselves busy by exploring new items now and then. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be an avid cook to find a new recipe or plan something soon. Your only concern can be the time that goes into making a good dish. There is no lack of delicious and easy-to-cook meals.

Deep-dish pizza, Buffalo wings, BBQ with bourbon ribs, and others can delight regular eaters and epicureans. But you would want to ensure your kitchen has everything to speed up your prep and cooking tasks, so you don’t end up spending too much time on this. While big-ticket items can be challenging to arrange immediately, you can change or add smaller fixtures that play a critical role in the kitchen, such as a faucet. For example, a spacious sink, a high arc faucet, cutting board, colander, cutting tools, electrical appliances, and vessels can be the essentials. You can check a kitchen basin faucet designs by Kraus and do the needful. As for recipes, here are some local dish ideas. Let’s delve into them at once.

Grilled Reuben sandwich

It can be one of New York’s favorites. You can treat your guests to this in the comfort of your home. Usually, it takes only 10 minutes of your time to prepare. Some salty beef, cheese, and flavorful sauerkraut can make it click with almost every palate. The base can be rye bread. For the dressing, you would need spring onion, horseradish sauce, mayonnaise, and tomato ketchup. Mix all of them well.

On one of the bread slices, you can spread the dressing and add sauerkraut, cheese, and pastrami. Cover this with another bread slice. Next, put some butter on the outside to fry it in a non-stick pan. The sandwich requires proper toasting. It should turn golden with cheese starting to melt. You can serve this with dill pickle to your friends and family with a choice of their drink.

Baja shrimp and grilled corn salad

Do you want to indulge in some seafood? It can be worth trying a southern Californian coastal food like this. You can add Mexican flavors to enhance its taste a little more. It can be a bundle of tasteful surprises for anyone as it comes loaded with smoky ancho chilies to blackened corn to green chili dressing, and shrimp. For the salad, you would need corn, olive oil, dried ancho chilies, ground cumin, red chili, radishes, spinach, watercress, and rocket salad, and raw prawns, etc. You can prepare your green chili dressing with coriander leaves, limes, olive oil, and green chili.

For corn salad, you will want to use your BBQ skills. You have to boil corn until they become tender and cover them in olive oil before seasoning. You can use a griddle pan to char the corns till their edges turn black. The charred kernels would require some slicing. So, wait for them to cool down.

On the other hand, you can prepare ancho chili paste with boiled water and salt. It is for prawns. Dip them in this paste before you stir fry them in a pan. You can add corn, salad leaves, radish, and dressing in a bowl to mix them well. On the top of them, you can place cooked prawns with red chili garnishing.


Italian-Americans cannot get over this yummy dish. It requires ingredients like plain flour, olive oil, and dried yeast. You can prepare toppings with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, grated mozzarella, dried oregano, red onion, pepperoni, and Peppadew peppers. Since the pizza dough can take about one hour to rise, you may want to plan it well in advance. Meanwhile, you can collect other ingredients and work on them to make the paste and topping. Once everything is ready, along with the dough, you can pre-heat your oven and arrange everything on the baking tray for cooking.

When the toppings bubble, you can take it as a signal that your pizza is all done. You can safely remove it from the appliance and serve it.

Mac ‘n’ cheese and some bacon

You cannot imagine comfort food without mac ‘n’ cheese pasta. When you combine it with Red Leicester and crunchy breadcrumbs, the taste doubles up, taking it to another level. If you organize a family get-together, you can serve it hesitation-free. You would need chunky breadcrumbs, butter, olive oil, mustard powder, plain flour, garlic, milk, grated Red Leicester, short pasta, and streaky bacon for preparation. Breadcrumbs can quickly cook in the oven in about five minutes.

After this, you may come to your cooktop. Place a pan on the flame to melt butter. Garlic and mustard will follow it, and then you will whisk some flour in it on low heat. Milk will come after this. You will cook it until the mixture is thick. In the end, you can add cheese. If your pasta is ready, you can add it to the sauce with bacon. You can add breadcrumbs on the top and bake it for 20 minutes. And the dish will be available to relish.

Cooking can be fun when you are interested in this, and your kitchen has all the necessary tools to reduce your efforts. You don’t hesitate to welcome guests to your home because you can be confident about your hosting skills. Still, if you want to make tasty dishes in less time, you have to practice this art regularly. Look for fresh ideas, play with ingredients, try different cooking techniques, and master whatever is there. The result can only be delightful and heartwarming. While others talk about the taste and flavors of your food, you can take pleasure in those sweet memories. And this journey doesn’t have to end here when you can organize many more memorable events.

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