The damaging effects of landfill sites

Landfill sites are areas designated for the dumping of rubbish and waste, sometimes into a pit and other times, just on the ground. The waste that gets dumped here is anything that cannot be recycled. Landfill sites are particularly harmful to the surrounding environment and here are some of the reasons why:

Impact on biodiversity – Previously wild areas are cleared to provide space for landfill which results in a loss of habitat. Species that previously lived on the site might be driven away and replaced by scavenging species like rats, seagulls and crows. Leachate is a hazardous substance produced by landfill sites and this can leak into nearby streams and rivers. This toxic material can kill organic matter in soil. For advice on Remediation Contractors, visit a site such as

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Methane gasAs biodegradable waste decomposes, it releases a toxic cocktail of gases including methane. Methane absorbs heat and contributes to climate change.

Smell – Landfill sites are a blot on the landscape and are not popular with local residents. As well as being an eyesore, landfill emits a horrible smell which permeates the air as materials decay.

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Expensive – Landfill sites are costly to maintain, in most part due to the constant monitoring of gases and groundwater pollution. Due to environmental policies and regulations, this monitoring is both timely and costly but absolutely essential.

Fire risk – Due to gases being released and decaying materials, the risk of fire is high. This can increase the levels of air pollution in the area.

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