Three Magical Natural Sights to See in the Winter

In the winter, it is tempting to stay indoors. However, there is so much to see in the countryside that it is good to get your waterproofs, wellies and warm clothes like an aran sweater , and head out to see what you might spot as the colder weather arrives. Here are a few of the sights that you might be lucky enough to enjoy…

Owls – The long dark nights are coming, and this gives us much more opportunity to see these beautiful nocturnal birds. Listen for the unmistakable twit twoo of a Tawny owl in the woodlands at dusk and you may well be in with a chance of spotting one. If you are walking around fields and farmland, the eerie shriek of a barn owl might be something that you come across. Look out for them gliding silently over fields looking for small mammals.

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Deer – Autumn is the season of the deer rut – an epic battle which takes place each year between stags, fighting for a mate. If you do happen to come across this spectacular scene, stay well out of the way and watch from afar so as not to disturb the animals.

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Salmon – After a wet spell, sometime during October or November, be on the lookout for salmon heading up the rivers in the UK. After spending up to five years in the Atlantic Ocean, they leap up weirs and against the current to get back to their spawning grounds to produce young of their own.

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