Modern and Cute Bedroom Ideas for Women

For boys the priorities in the bedroom are, a comfortable bed, a space for the computer, video games and that the television looks good from the bed, but for the girls the priorities are different, let’s say they care much more for the decoration, the tones of the room, the accessories, the lighting, and all those decorative details.

If you do not consider yourself an expert on the subject of decoration. But you certainly want it to look like a beautiful feminine bedroom. Then in this article, you will find the best ideas for decorating a real woman’s room.


If the first thing that goes through your mind when you think of a woman’s bedroom is a very pink room, then you are very far from reality. All women seek to express their essence and personality, they achieve this with every detail, element, and accessory that they include in this very important space.

For example, if we look at this particular bedroom, we can notice that it is a very artistic and quite expressive place. A bedroom with a comfortable bed, surrounded by various paintings. A line of lights and a hammock-like chair becomes one of the most striking elements, due to its texture and design. A palette of light and neutral colors such as gray was used, which allowed the place to be seen much better lit.


The range of colors that can be incorporated into a female bedroom is wide, but without a doubt, the most used are pastel tones, which in addition to being in trend give it a subtle, cozy, and warm touch. The light gray color is one of the neutrals that are in vogue these days, so if you like simple decoration, but with a super feminine touch, perhaps this is a good option for you.

You can make a combination of several pastel colors, such as pink, blue and of course. Let’s not forget the white that cannot be absent. Ideally, the colors also incorporate texture, for example, light blue is present in the cushions, the staircase, and in the armchair under the bed, the pink in also in cushions and in other details, the carpet also has a bit of all color and that is why it plays an important role, let us always think about the correct textures and combination of colors.


All bedrooms are a reflection of our personality, for both men and women. So when we choose a particular decorative style. It is because we feel fully identified with it, it can be modern, classic, minimalist, retro, and a lot of more options.

In this particular case, it is an open, spacious room, very well lit thanks to the large windows and with elegant decoration, because each piece has a very traditional finish, it is furniture with a lot of character, such as the bed with The canopy, which also gives it a touch of antiquity, the French-style glass doors, the solid wood furniture and even the chairs with moldings, everything was thought to achieve that characteristic, very elegant decoration that no doubt every woman would love.


For this next idea, we have an equally feminine bedroom. But with a much more daring touch, because they used a strong. And neutral color to counteract such as black, which was combined with white and lead-gray. We can see that it is a modern style room, due to the finish of its furniture. The bed, and nightstands that match, are straight and flat lines with a glamorous touch, however, what most draws the attention of the space is the incorporation of black in the details and the lighting so different and bold.

You can always give a unique touch to space, and this time they focused on the way to illuminate, not only with the lamps on each side of the bed, but they also placed a set of lights, just like the ones used in Christmas, to give a little shine to the entire structure of the bed, without neglecting the beautiful lamps on the floor, which give it a warm and cozy touch.


To close with these ideas for women’s bedrooms. We have a trend that has become very present in recent times and it is the minimalist decorative style. This is characterized by the use of necessary elements, adding a few decorative details. But quite significant and striking, the secret is less is more, but that more always provides an important plus.

For this room, we can notice that it is a white space, where neutral colors were added. Such as gray and black, plus some textures. It is a simple bed, with simple but very nice decoration on the upper part, which is the paintings along with the light bulbs, next to the bed a nightstand with a couple of simple decorations.

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