Upgrading your PC gaming setup

If you spend a lot of time at your PC playing games, then it’s worth making the space around your computer the best that it can be. Whether you’re planning to stream your exploits on Twitch and broadcast your setup to the world or just enjoy some time to yourself, a stylish and well-organized space will help you to get more out of the gaming experience.

Below, we’ll explore some tips to get your gaming room as slick and professional as the likes of DanTDM, Miniminter and Ali A.

Review your location

Whether you’re looking to set up a gaming area from scratch, improve your existing setup or rearrange it as part of a house move, your requirements will be different. Try to identify the key things that you’ll need and don’t ignore the basics – for example, do you already have a suitable desk as a base for it all?

If you plan to work at this PC, be it through streaming or another job entirely, try to keep it separate from your bedroom. You don’t want to spend your whole life in one room.

Upgrading your accessories

You’ll likely already be considering upgrades to essential pieces of kit like your keyboard and mouse, or investing in a top-quality monitor. If you intend on streaming then, in addition to a headset, you might want to consider a standalone microphone for superior audio quality.

Spending a lot of time at the PC is best done in total comfort. A purpose-designed gaming chair will support you for marathon sessions; trust us, you’ll feel the difference.

Keep it looking clean

To ensure that you’re relaxed and can focus on the action, you’ll want to keep your gaming desk as free of clutter as possible – particularly if you’re going to be on camera to an audience on Twitch or YouTube.

A little investment of money and time into ridding your setup of distracting cables is a good idea. You can get creative here – perhaps affix your extension leads to the underside of your desk using double-sided tape. You can also use cable tie mounts to secure wires in positions where they’ll be out of sight.


You can now focus on finishing touches to get your setup looking as dynamic as the gamers online  – especially if you’re going to be streaming for a hobby or a job on Twitch. Experiment with differently colored lighting and, if you plan to be on camera, pay attention to what’s in the background behind you. It’s a good opportunity to arrange some items that inject your personality into the room, as well as leaving space for branded products if you intend on pursuing sponsorship deals.

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